July 12, 2010


Of course it is not just Switzerland that is okay with it. France seems to be okay with it, too, but then again oh, France, if it's l'amour, it's l'amour, eh? My country Germany seems to have been okay with it. After all, Polanski did his last movie here, which I will not see on principle, and nobody seemed to have been bothered.

And the excuse is always the same. He's old. He couldn't travel around as much as he wanted the past decades. For god's sakes, he survived the Holocaust. How can you not get... what? No, seriously, what?! Survive the death camps and not get screwy? And then screw a young girl in her ass. Yes, I said it.

Anal! Rape!

Drugging of a minor and anal rape.

Now, I am not talking about some delightful kink between two adults, which can, should and often is not only fun but can be an absolutely wonderful celebration of love...

... I am talking about putting a pill in a girl's drink, then forcing your pitifully (and this case, thankfully) small, brittle fucking penis into her anal cavity, where it shouldn't have been in the first place.

And no, I am not against anal sex, either. Again, can be quite delightful.

If it is done by two consenting adults!

Rape is rape is rape... and pedophilic rape is the worst kind, but hell, if it's good for the Vatican, I guess and thus protected by the Swiss Guard.... oh, wait, there's our connection! Apparently the Swiss are bound by... something (could it be money? Or fame? Uh, money and fame, only one thing better than that, and that's religion, comes like a cocaine-sprinkled ass cherry on top, that does) to protect this pedophile.

Again, if you are rich and have the right connections...

...you will get away with anything.