July 4, 2010


Of course, why doesn't it surprise me that Maradona would go off and attack the German fans? Yes, they were cheering. Yes. They were making jokes. The phrase "Ihr könnt nach hause fahren! Ihr könnt nach hause fahren..." is one of the staple chants in any German stadium, which means "You can go home now".  And the banner, "tschüss, Maradona!". Yeah, what a fucking insult that was.

But of course, let us not insult royalty!

Not the guy whose big fucking claim to fame is "the hand of god", and who was so arrogant pre-game that he told the press that they essentially were already in the finals, and who was Germany to begin with. Just like three months ago he insulted Thomas Müller by saying "who he?"

Thomas Müller's reply on the pitch can be thus translated to Maradona. Let me do it for you, okay? It reads like this.

What's my name? Say it! What's the name? Thomas Müller is the name! Say it! Thomas Fucking Müller! And I'm not your ball boy! Say my name, bitch!

Didn't I tell you this before, class?

Arrogance through ignorance.

Will get you killed every single time.