July 29, 2010


Because I am sick and tired of "Team Something" t-shirts, you got to be part of a team, be a team player, only then you will be a proper individual, be Team Snookie, be Team Bella, be Team Obama, be Team-Something, fuck that shit, be yourself, think for yourself, question all others,  and start there, okay?

The other thing that terribly annoys me is that more and more people today are incapable of even the simplest things, like, oh, I don't know, reading a map. Finding places on their own. And why should they, with their back-up brains courtesy of Steve Jobs and his products. While I consider iPhones and their ilk to be be pretty, shiny toys, they are one of the reasons, together with Google, that people don't feel the need to learn anything anymore.

There is a reason to learn stuff. It has an effect of your brain's connectivity. Learning and experience create complex neuronal networks that allow your mind to do what is also known as "lateral thinking". In short, when you are faced with a problem too complex for a simple action-reaction linear response, the brain finds statements, facts and experience that – while totally unrelated to the situation at hand – can be used to solve the issue.

But not with the iPhone generation! I have seen one of them the other day – cut off from his back-up brain – unable to read a train schedule. And an entire group of them standing in front of a map at a train station, not able to use those minds to extrapolate the information from that map, convert it into a virtual 3D image in their head and go places.

This is what the iPhone and the other toys will do.

They turn your brain into a giant black hole, sucking in information, breaking it down and then.. it is simply gone. It will never resurface again. Broken down to its smallest fragments, it gets gobbled up and disappears.

And isn't that a scary image?