July 6, 2010


Well, today I shall watch the Dutch hopefully demolish the new Hands of God squad of Uruguay, so that they will advance to the finals (this one goes to my friend Edo, go Oranjes, go go go!)

And tomorrow, it's us and Spain. Oh boy. That will be a hell of a difficult match. While the Spanish have not played well this tournament (and I defy anybody to tell me different), they have been the best team in the world for at least the past three years. At some point they will unpack their bags of tricks, and holy hell, if they play, they play. I just hope it won't be tomorrow ^.^

One more time, and the L'il Rascals would be in the finals.

And it would be the most deserved advance to the finals since 1990 (because, as every German knows, we quietly weaseled our way into the finals in 2002, and while the finale of 1986 was the result of the typical "we will not give up" football fighting style the German team has been infamous for over the decades, let us not delude ourselves that both in 1986 and 1982 we were playing good footie. We weren't. We went on through sheer force of will... and in 1982 through one of the worst cheats in World Championship history. Yes. Let us be honest.)

And yes, I know that the best team does not necessarily win the title.

Remember Greece in 2004? They were the worst offenders of football as a game that I remember. Even worse than Italy in 2006. And yet, both teams claimed those titles as better teams (Portugal in 2004 and Germany in 2006) were left with nothing but admiration. And hell, you can't put butter on your bread for that.

So, in a pre-final analysis... I hope the Li'l Rascals win the damn thing. But even if they don't, they are a team with a future. And the others aren't.

And that alone is something to be thankful for.

Now, go out and play ball!