August 14, 2010


If you haven't been afraid of China before, this delightful video smash up should do it. I mean, 4 Minutes? Done by Chinese People's Army choirs? Scaaaaaaary!

In a way, that smash up signifies what China has become. A droned, uniformed country no longer worshipping Mao but capitalist nationalism, stealing ideas from somewhere else and smashing these ideas up, shitting them out again in poorly processed technicolour.

Yes, this is the country – our bankers and politicians say while they suck the Chinese dick – we should all be emulating, while China itself is emulating the worst excesses of our past, pretty much with the same ratio of success, according to this study.

What is it, Lassie?

You are saying that 10 percent of the Chinese own almost two thirds of all of China's wealth, girl? That 20 percent own over 80 percent of all the wealth?

That rich people in China dodge taxes, bribe and lobby their corrupt "leaders"? Really?

Are you sure you are not talking about Western democracies, Lassie?

Woof! Woof!

So, it is China, then?

China is us. In a nutshell.

In a big fucking nutshell.