August 3, 2010


Oh, John Stewart and your staff, (uh, okay, that didn't come out right), how much I love thee for pointing out the obvious on a consistently high level, especially when it comes to the absolute stupidity disguised as sincerity about things that don't matter to begin with.

Case in point, the absolutely uninteresting daughter of an uninteresting ex-president gets married to another totally uninterresting guy.

Cue to television "news" going bonkers!

My personal favourite here? Fox News (how could it be any different), with poor blonde "correspondent" Courtney Friel on the streets of Rhinebeck, NY, grasping – quite literally – at straws, pointing out that "she may have seen Oprah's dog".

But to be fair (and balanced), the others were not any better.

And to these people in the mainstream media... you do not have a Royal Family, okay? That was one of the whole points of 1776. And yes, I know, I know, royal weddings are such a glamorously stupid affair, I believe there was one a few weeks back here in Europe, was it in Norway? Sweden? Denmark?

Somewhere or another, and over here, we have the same sycophants in studios (and the European yellow press, which would not even exist if there weren't a couple of royal houses left), detailing the size and length of the "plucked from middle class obscurity" bride or the "look, a princess can fall in love with one of the little people" guy.

I mean, really?

Personally, I don't want to abolish them, royality, I mean. I think that a King or Queen can serve a very vital social role and provide cohesion not tainted by political parties in today's world (if one looks at Sweden or Great Britain, where it kind of works)

But that doesn't mean one should give royality, both perceived and real, any more weight than they have. And in the case of Chelsea Clinton? What the hell? Obviously, there was some kind of "we need to know, because nobody is telling us anything" feeding frenzy that I kind of missed when one of the Bush girls married in 2008.

And to be perfectly honest, nobody should give a damn whether the daughter of somebody rich or famous gets drunk (again, the Bush Wonder Girls), gets married or, in the case of Larry "Morpheus" Fishburne's daughter, is now on her way to celebrity Stupidville by the way of hardcore porn.

In the meantime, nobody in the mainstream media cared – as Stewart pointed out – about the Wikileaks documents, nobody cared about the shafting of 9/11 responders, nobody cared that this July was the worst month in civilian casualties in Iraq (why should they, most of the US troops apparently barely leave their barracks anymore, so barely any one of them gets killed), nobody cared that the Dutch are saying to Afghanistan, "hey we are outta here", nobody cared that BP is drawing down the oil spill clean-up efforsts and is clamping down on scientists...

... and if nobody in the mainstream media cares, the mainstream of the people will not be able to care, for they are never given the facts. And while I love Jon Stewart and the Daily Show for pointing it out again and again, it fills me with sadness that the show has maybe a million or two viewers in all of Ameirca (maybe multiply that by the factor 5 for internet viewing), and that means most of the mainstream will never know.

And will be caught up in a wedding.

And not even even their own.