August 1, 2010


Look at those dreamy legs… Chris Nolan’s film for Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures just keeps going, and going, with great holds. It’s back as the No. 1 movie after giving it up to Angelina Jolie’s Salt last weekend and to Steve Carell’s Dinner With Schmucks Friday.
See, the problem I have with people like Nikki Finke is not that they are sucessful or that they very often run – as it is the case these days with almost every news organisation – with rumours, innuendo and everything between when they push out their blog entries like bloody babies not yet ready for prime time exposure.

The problem I have with Finke is that the woman is too retarded to simply look up a few numbers in retrospect before hammering down her snark. Too retarded, too lazy, too arrogant, and while Finke's site is hardly something that will change the course of world events (no, that just might be Time, look at my previous post and shudder), she displays all of the things that are wrong with journalism today.

As you can see above, taken from her Sunday writethrough on the box office numbers, she claims that the movie INCEPTION gave up the No. 1 spot in the United States to Angelina Jolie's SALT on the weekend of July 23-25.

I care for neither movie in a sense that I'm here, shouting "go! go! go! Inception! go!". What I do care about is that mistakes like that are the norm for Finke's site. Assumption replaces fact, opinion replaces research. And to to find the fact, all you had to do was to go to Box Office Mojo and pull the actual numbers. Three clicks! I am not talking about a day's worth of phone and personal meetings here.

I am talking about three. fucking. clicks.

Friday, July 23: $13,083,719
Saturday, July 24: $16,512,872
Sunday, July 25: $13,128,421

Friday, July 23: $12,532,333
Saturday, July 24: $13,393,108
Sunday, July 25: $10,085,802
Now, when exactly did Inception give up anything to Salt during the July 23-25 weekend? Was it in the full moon midnight showing on Sunset in La-La-Land? The matinees in Neverwhere? You know what the thing about snark is? If you are not entirely cautious while hunting for it, somebody will point out that is a boojum.

[UPDATE] Of course, Miss Finke took out the wrong line from her "reporting now", but girl? I still have it in my caché. And that is the other thing that makes me furious about people like her. They don't even have the courtesy of doing a little [UPDATE] at the end of their posts, stating something like an earlier post about this stated that... I apologise for that mistake.

See, we all make mistakes. Fine. But not Finke. The point is that when you fuck something up, you let your readership know. You apologise. That is what is called "professionalism". Not that most people "working" in "news" have any fucking idea what professional behaviour is, these days, all taking their cues from Fox News, what, us? Wrong? Why, we never!

[UPDATE] Also, since I know that a lot of other retards just might come crawling out of the woodwork and say, waah! waah! We went to her site, and you have no proof for anything, waah! waah! You are just jealous, to all of you? Shut! The! Fuck! Up!

Do you honestly think I would say something if I didn't snap a screenshot of this?