August 14, 2010


Even before the giant German (I think there are about 700 Kindles here, hahaha) market is being treated to Live by yours truly, there will be another book that I am currently wrapping up, and I mean, right as I type this. It's open on the other window as I am learning how to format texts for the Kindle and still have it look well.

It's called Asbury Park: Eine Sommernachtserinnerung, and if I had to classify it in Hollywood speak, then it's a modern fairy tale that crosses Mark Helprin's A Winter's Tale with Stephen King and Hans Christian Andersen.

Taking us back into the time at the eve of World War 2, a the swan song for the beach resort of Asbury Park, New Jersey, its patrons dressed up in tuxedos and dresses, lies and love, all of them dancing towards catastrophe and scandal.

It's one of the works I am proudest of.

And if you read it (sorry, it is in German), you will know why.