August 1, 2010


I have nearly completed my German thriller Live, which I have been working on quietly over the past couple of months. And as I have said last year, for all of my prose projects I will forego the traditional route of begging a publisher to please, please let me suck his cock.

While I love traditional books, love the feel of them, love to see them stacked up all neat and tidy on my book shelf, I no longer consider a system that pants like a dog in heat when it comes to celebrity "books", but has no interest in anything that comes with a built-in brand name – usually taken from retarded reality TV shows – to be a viable option to publish original material in.

Especially since said system has become so greedy that it wants you to give them all the rights of your creations for a pittance, so that these motherfuckers can drive their seventh Porsche to their fourth mistress and get blown while they still somehow manage to screw you, the actual creator.

For my English readers (all seven of them), I am also close to wrapping up a book filled with a few magical realism novellas, which will also be on Amazon (and once I figured that one out, the iPad) under the title The Watchmaker's Wings (and other tales of magic). And if my Hollywood dealings do not make me insane – always a possibility, another phone conference on Tuesday, regarding my TV show – that should also hit your Kindle within the next three months or so (barring unforeseen catastrophes, which will very likely happen. They always do).

And after that, well... there are some rather big things coming.