August 7, 2010


And I do mean that quite literally. After having dealt for over two years with that amazingly stupid retard publisher, I was slowly moving upward and onward for the past couple of months, but after Tuesday, it all came back. The constant feeling of nausea, the stomach cramps, the adrenaline rushes in the middle of the night as my brain kept on working around the clock, the vomiting in the early morning.

I called up another old colleague of mine last night. And he relayed this. He works for a rather big international clothing company (and when I say big, I mean it) as an outsourced productioner, responsible for the production of their catalogues et al. And recently, the interiors were given for design and layout to a super-├╝ber-we-are-so-awesome PR agency in Boston. And we all know what that means, eh? Yes. We are expensive! That's how awesome we are!

The pages arrived at my former colleague's company for final checking and print pre-production. And the entire layouts had been done in...

... guess, boys and girls?

In RGB! Yes, the big "professional" agency in Boston had built it all in unprintable RGB! But wait! Wait! It gets better! Upon being called up and after the layouts had been converted to CMYK over here by my former colleague's company, the people at the agency were livid, stating that all the colours had been muted, and that was not what they had done.

Yes, boys and girls.

They. Didn't. Even. Know. What. CMYK. Was!

And that you have to adjust the raw photos differently for CMYK than you would for RGB! They had no fucking clue! "Professionals"!

"How the hell did you stop yourself from strangling them, very slowly, so that you can still see it when the stupid flicker of light finally goes out in their eyes?" I asked him.

"They were in Boston," he said. "Hard to do that when an ocean protects them."

True. So very true.