August 10, 2010


Steve Slater was, until very recently, a JetBlue flight attendant. While a flight from Pittsburgh to New York was taxiing on the runway around noon yesterday, as is the custom on planes everywhere, a passenger jumped up to get her belongings from the overhead before the captain had turned off the seat belt sign. Slater asked her to sit down. The passenger refused, and her luggage hit Slater in the head. And when Slater's demand for an apology was allegedly met with a "Fuck you," he didn't respond with a tight-slipped smile and a "Buh bye."

Instead, he got on the plane's public address system, and as the plane pulled up to the gate, said something to the effect of, "To the fucking asshole that told me to fuck off, it’s been a good 28 years!" He then grabbed some beer off the beverage cart, activated the inflatable evacuation slide, slid off the plane, ran to the parking lot and drove home.

Everybody should do what Steve Slater did. And I mean it. That guy has the balls we all should have, but most are too chickenshit to speak up when they are treated like shit (well, I am not, but then, I have been called crazy by everybody who ever held a position of power, so fucking what?)

I know. I know In a week, we will all talk about the botox injections of some Real Housewife or another, and Steve Slater will still be unemployed. And that is why everybody is not doing it. Because they are chickenshit.

But still... Steve? If I ever have the luck to meet you somewhere, you can rest assured that whatever you want to drink will be on my tab.

I have seen – in my earlier career – how people like Steve Slater have been treated, so nobody should come up to me and say that this man is crazy. I have always made it a point to treat the staff and the service people at hotels with the utmost respect.

They are there to make your stay, your flight, your drive easier, and most of the time, they have to do it with a smile, even if they had a shitty day themselves, they are there to serve you in your capacity as a customer, yes.

But they are not there to be your slave.

Respect them. Be nice to them.

And you will be rewarded with better food, faster service and the most invaluable rewards of them all at the end: a genuine smile, because as they made your day a bit easier, you made their job a bit easier, too. And it is one hell of a job. I couldn't do it. And most of you couldn't do it, either, especially the ones who are corporate cocksuckers.

Remember that.

Oh, and if you do see Steve Slater before me, buy him the hell a beer, will you?