August 19, 2010


I have many courageous friends who are now becoming very afraid, based on now-boiling hysterical hate after years of experience of ugly slow-simmering bigotry, including losing their jobs, being cursed and spat on, threatened with deportation, detained for days without charges without being able to call family, assaulted, taunted by prison guards - all just for being Muslim.

Some have been told they should go back to where they came from even though they were born here - many of their families have been here for generations and have faithfully contributed to their communities through their professions and ardent volunteerism: caring for members of all faiths, tending the sick, feeding the hungry, teaching people to read, working to build interfaith bridges, celebrate multi-cultural arts, music, literature, and fighting for ALL our civil rights.

If you are not Muslim, then you are in the same position that non-Jewish Germans, Polish, Austrians, etc, were as the Nazis began to stoke hatred and fear by using a constant bombardment of eugenic, cultural, and religious fantasies about your neighbors. Our Muslim neighbors are in trouble - they need more right now than blithely hedonistic dismissal, or denial, or "it'll all blow overs," or lazily pessimistic defeatism that condemns all western civilization as a big mistake. Muslims are PART of our civilization now - their cultures greatly enrich our own in this motley, muttley mix that we are.

It's time to work, people - to write and speak and act to reach out to your neighbors, to help stack sandbags of thoughtful compassion against the boiling river of hysteria looking for scapegoats.
Not that I believe that that "great American education system" teaches people anything more than "we kicked Nazi Germany's ass" (which you didn't, by the way), but there are a few voices, and often by military veterans, that come with remarkable perception of what is going on in the United States right now.

A country that is well on its way to becoming a theocracy defined by the colour white, a fascist undercurrent defined by racial and social hatred of those who think black, brown and yellow people are less than human. Who hate. Who can no longer say nigger, I say it, they can't, they simply call Barry a communist Muslim.

A communist Muslim.

Do you people even know how you sound?

Where you are coming from?

You white, uneducated, hateful filth?

Let us simply change one word.

Communist Jew.

Now who did say that? Huh? Do you know? Have you retards watched enough of the Hitler Channel? Did you merely hear it? Or did you listen? Do you listen to yourself talking? Do you know what you sound like, what you are becoming, what you already are?

Does that vacuum in your head even keep the slightest, the smallest scrap of historical information? When you claim that Muslims don't belong in America? When they died with you, bled with you, live with you? No? How about the gays? Who can die for you, bleed for you, but not live with you, either? Who you don't want to marry, don't want in your neighbourhood, you know, the "good" neighbourhoods, where only "good" people live.

The good people.

That's not you.

That's who you think you are.

Do you know who you are, for the most part?


You are the ones who look away when a black kid gets beaten up.

You are the ones who prevent a girl from attending her high school prom, because she is proud of what she was born as and wanted to share that pride with her girlfriend and the rest of the school.

You are the ones who cave in, like Howard Dean, like Barry Tumbleweed in the White House, you are the ones who are so scared of that cunt, yes, I said it, and I am not taking it back, not now, not ever, that cunt from Alaska that poisons the internet, the airwaves, who cannot read properly, who cannot write, who cannot think, who can only hate anything that is not white and stupid.

Yes. White and stupid.

That's what you are.

Oh, I am sorry? Does that offend you? Do you want to stick your gun up your ass and go home and whine to Mommy Palin now? Or masturbate into that bible, of which  you only know how to quote Leviticus and Revelations from? And only always the passages that allow you to look down on those who you wish would go away, who you wish would be dead, out of sight, out of mind, hell, I have a concentration camp to sell to you. Because that's what you want. What you think. What you wish you could say out loud.

Oh, I am sorry. Am being to harsh on you?

Did I burn you white skin?

Oh, of course, nobody is allowed to offend you!

Not you! You, who are so exceptional! Who are so white!

Stop your fucking Waah Waah!

Know why I can say this? Because I am what you think is the ideal. I am blonde. I am blue-eyed. I am much whiter than you will ever be.

And you disgust me.

You are the ones who do nothing more than put a bumper sticker on your gas-guzzling SUVs to "support the troops" while the niggers, the spics and yes, the Muslims are there to fight the wars of those whose lies you swallow.

And you are on your way.

And from this side of the ocean I know where this is headed.

I read about it. I heard my grandparents talk about it. Quietly and with shame. You are the ones they were. You are becoming what they were.

And you chant and you spit and you dress yourself in the cross, when all you really want to do is to burn it. In front of mosques. In front of nigger churches, hell, why stop there, why not burn down a couple of spic shops while you are at it?

After all, none of them are real Americans, right? No. That's what you are. Real. Really stupid. And white. And that makes it good. No, that makes it great, that feeling, doesn't it?

I have a swastika for you.

You deserve it.