August 4, 2010


When Winston Churchill said that "the price for freedom is eternal vigilance", I am quite sure he didn't mean that governments of the world conspire with big corporations and "volunteer" semi-legal organisations like Project Vigilant in order to spy on their own citizens, preemptively creating movement profiles and trawling the internet for "suspicious" blog posts and commentaries and then assigning them the IP addresses of their users, thus essentially making 1984 looking like a steampunk fairy tale.

But this is what's happening, and Glen Greenwald has a good round-up on the relevant information, now coming out as it relates to the Wikileaks scandal (you know, the one where former Dubya speechwriter Marc Thiessen called for the arrest and prosecution of Wikileaks members as traitors). See, it never surprises me anymore when these things come to light.

It also never surprises me anymore that – once again – nobody will care.

Just like in the former GDR (where everybody spied on everybody), people will say that "if you have nothing to hide, if you have done nothing wrong, nobody should care."

Because some people are lambs.

Still bloaking while they are being led to the slaughter.