September 3, 2010


So concludes a study by the American Dietetic Association that has just been released, or in science speak, it sounds like this...
More than 49 million individuals living in the United States experienced food insecurity in 2008. Negative nutrition and non–nutrition-related outcomes have been associated with food insecurity in children, adolescents, and adults, including substandard academic achievement, inadequate intake of key nutrients, poor health, increased risk for and development of chronic disease, poor disease management, and poor psychological and cognitive functioning.
Yes, boys and girls, the richest country on this planet (or so we always get told) has 15 percent of its population so poor, they cannot afford proper food and instead scarf down the processed, cheap shit, with all of the consequences that follow. Obesity. Lack of vitamins. And so on and so on. According to the study (and as I said in my headline, the study was conducted before the shit proverbially hit the fan), the hardest hit are poor mothers, who literally don't eat or barely eat, so that they can give their children food.

In America.

Let me say this again. We are not talking about the Sudan here. We are not talking about Somalia. We are talking about the United States of America.

Where the new job figures released today show that more and more people are in danger of becoming the so-called 99ers...

(with 99 weeks being the longest time unemployment benefits run for those who – while they had a job, most of the times a single job that they had to have for 3 to 5 years steady, according to most state laws – had paid into this entitlement program. If you couldn't hold on to that job for more than 3 years? Well, then you have been fucked already. No benefits for you!),

...or how the Tea Baggers would call them, lazy fucks who should pull themselves up by their own boostraps. The numbers show that more people are in danger of slipping, oh what the fuck, let's call it what it really is, in danger of being pushed down through the cracks. And down below is not only poverty (which is only romantic those those who have never experienced it), but also a fight for pure survival.

In America.

How selfish, how inhumane must a society be to allow this to happen?

How inhumane, how fascist must a society be that has its most prominent politicians cave in already and allow the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 1 % to continue on and on, while this is happening? To 50 million Americans? Or more?

I have no words for it. Not anymore.