September 25, 2010


Ah, not only did Bill Maher not pursue Andrew Breitbart on last night's HBO super-special "lies, and why I am not doing anything against them" panel, no, another parrot was on there yet again who puts on the prettiest face for the most hateful lies you can imagine.

Yes. Amy Holmes. That "I'm black so you cannot call me a white, rich asshole" woman who knows exactly where her money is coming from. You always find somebody in a minority group who is willing to sell out, mmmh mmmh mmmh, all that cash, I will say anything you want me to say.

That black-faced (yes, I am making a racially charged remark here, and I am doing it with full intention) robotron of GOP lies went at it again last night, with one sentence in particular, repeated throughout the conversation, such as it was.

"70 percent of the American people are against Obamacare," Holmes said. 70 percent! 70! 70 percent! Obamacare! 70! Did I say that already? Does Polly want a cracker?

Now let's do what anybody should do in the media when faced with such bullshit. Do it with me, boys and girls, and let us take a look at the data and what the propagandist liars such as Breitbart and Holmes make of them, okay?

Because the truth... shall set you free.

And that particular lie isn't anything new, it is just as lies always are, they get less questioned when repeated over and over again. So let us direct our attention to one instance earlier in the year, when it was just 58 percent of people polled wanted to "repeal the healthcare bill" (you know, that was before we all went and looked at the Gulf Oil catastrophe). Or as the Republicans will want you to believe...
Indiana University Center for Health Policy and Professionalism Research: “Fifty-eight percent of Americans (96 percent of Republicans, 10 percent of Democrats and 54 percent of Independents) support repealing the health care reform legislation that was signed into law by President Barack Obama in March, according to a new national survey conducted April 6 - 10 by researchers from Indiana University’s Center for Health Policy and Professionalism Research (CHPPR).”
Ah. Numbers. You cannot really argue with them, can you? Especially when you really don't look closely enough to understand what they mean. Or what reasons for them are given. But here's where the hubris of the Republican liars comes into play. Obviously, they needed a source, so they gave one as a link, and that link leads you here.

Now, they count on you – of course – to not click that link, that is why it is really tiny, because in that link you will find things that just... would put your lie-shouting propagandist asshole mouth full of shit. But you and me, we will take a closer look now, shall we?

The thing is, though – very important – that the significant information is hidden three paragraphs down in that story, and so... if you are on that site (and don't believe me), scroll down a little, will you? And you will find this...
When asked how imperative they thought it was for Congress to work on “establishment of a public option that would give individuals a choice between government-provided health insurance or private health insurance” in the upcoming legislative session, 67 percent of Americans rated this as important

This finding is even more striking given the fact that 59 percent of all those in favor of repeal rated the public option as important. Moreover, so did 67 percent of all Republicans and 59 percent of all Independents.
Can you say "ooops" with me?

See, what this poll actually meant was that the vast majority (according to the poll, 67 percent) of Americans asked were still in favour of a public option in healthcare!

Say it again. Oooops.

And that means the grounds for them telling the pollsters that they want to repeal the law and start all over is that it didn't go far enough!

Say it a third time. Bit louder, now, okay? Oooops.

But of course this doesn't register, especially not in television, where it is all down to 10-word-statements, and when that statement has good tits and an easy smile and comes from a bangable black woman, hell, who wants to be rude to her, right? Especially if you are a guy. Especially since – and guys, let's be honest with ourselves here for a moment, right? – if we do want to bang her.

You might be a sexist!

You might be a racist!

Better let her talk. 10 words, so Martin Sheen's West Wing President, are the tip of the political sword. It's what everybody is looking for. 10 simple words (or less)

70 percent of the American people want to repeal Obamacare!

Count the words with me, boys and girls. How many?

That's right! 10!

10 words to make a lie. 10 words to make you believe. 10 words to turn the reality of the situation upside down. And Amy Holmes – like any trained political operative – knows how to use them. 10 words. Repeat them. 10 words. Make them personal. 10 words. Call it "Obamacare", not healthcare, because healthcare is something most people would get behind. 10 words. Repeat them. Repeat them when you are being asked. Don't make any further statements. 10 words. Is all you need.

When they come out of the mouth of a good-looking woman.

And again, Maher didn't challenge her. And he should have. I would have. I would have nailed her ass to the ground in that round. 10 words, Amy Holmes. Give me the next 10 words after that. And the next 10 words after that. Tell me exactly what those polls said. Because I know the truth, and I can read, and I can write, and just like Martin Sheen's President, I know what the power of the 10-word-statement is.

I will now give you one, and this one has the benefit of being the truth, based on the exact same poll that the Republicans spun their lies out of.

67 percent of Americans want a public option in healthcare! 

The reason why people are confused? The reason why they think that the world outside their windows, on their streets and in their backyards is replaced by something surreal, something just a little bit off, something that is almost Lovecraftian in its nature, always just that little bit out of your eyesight?

Is that the media still allows people like Amy Holmes to get away with these things. And then those out there who are easily swayed, who don't have the time or the inclination to look closely, they will repeat it. At your BBQs. When you meet them for coffee. When you talk to them at work.

10 words. They are so easy to swallow.

Don't. Don't swallow them.

They are poison.