September 25, 2010


Now, people who know me know that I find Bill Maher quite funny, and that I thought that he was one of the "good guys".

Well, I was wrong.

If he were genuinely one of the "good guys", he would have maybe invited right-wing proven liar and propagandist Andrew Breitbart onto his show, but he would have nailed him against the wall, right where that reality-distorting motherfucker belongs.

Remember, boys and girls? This was the guy who edited the Sherryl Sherrod's speech in such a way as to make her look like a racist. This is the guy who had – as the California Attorney General's office in its subsequent inquiry proved – purposefully and with malicious intent smeared ACORN with heavily edited videos and "actors" misrepresenting themselves during those "undercover interviews".

This is not a man you give a national platform to, because he is a proven liar and propagandist. What the hell is it with the media structure these days that people like Breitbart are still cock-gloried by others who are supposed to know better?

And you introduce that lying filth of a man as a "publisher/journalist"? Really, Bill? I mean, really really? You could call Breitbart a "political activist", and that would already be caressing his dick with a feather, but to call him a journalist?

That is just shameful. And then to not even bring up Sherryl Sherrod once? And no, that little bit of "I am on good behaviour, I didn't bring up race" does. not. count.

Again, just shameful.

It gives this man an air of respectability that he doesn't have, and you are now officially one of the people who are selling out the truth, Bill. But I'm sure when you are back in the green room, you light up that fattie, and you don't care. Good show. Good show, everybody.

Is it it easy for Bill Maher to attack (rightfully so) the pope for covering up pedophilia within the Catholic Church? Yes, but Billy-Boy, you cannot simply go after people that are so far away they won't retaliate, and play buddy-buddy with the scum in your backyard, just because you think it may make good television.

It is an act of pure cowardice.

It is an act of pure shamelessness.

It is an act of somebody who – deep down – doesn't give a shit about what is right or wrong, what is truthful or not, but only trots out the truth when it suits his own beliefs.

You are part of the dog and pony show now, Bill. Maybe you always were. And I was wrong about you. Hell, in my life I was wrong about a lot of people, so this shouldn't come as a surprise to me. But you are no longer on the "good guys" list that I have in my head.

You are just another showboating asshole.