September 21, 2010


Mahmud Achmadineschad just told Iranians at the UN assembly in New York that "Iran is well on its way to become the second world power next to the United States". because – while the United States is still dominating the economic realm, Iran is the only true political superpower.

Oh, Mahmud. You amuse me. Obviously this is a Saddam Hussein – Bin Laden – [insert any Muslim country's leadership here] style of speech that is designed to play well back at home, further deluding his own people into a sense of self-worth, into a sense of importance. Iran? A moral country? You, Mahmud? A moral leader?

Oh, Mahmud. You never cease to amuse me.

Never. Please. Stay as you are. You are playing the ones in America who want to bomb your country into hell and beyond right into their hands. And it is your people who will have to pay the price for your delusions.