September 2, 2010


I really should, but I'm too tired and too worn out to deal with somebody who can only be called one of the great morons of modern German culture. Others have said many things about Thilo Sarrazin, who once was Berlin's Secretary for the Interior (not decorating, we should have been so lucky) and who has clearly some kind of issue with Jews and particularly Muslims.

I should say something, because such a thing should be my duty as an informed, intelligent and hopefully vocal human being. And have I not always maintained on this blog that one should stand up against hatred, against prejudice, against racism?

I'm not going to.

He is but one man, and our media has been giving this pathetic, spiteful excuse of a human being far too much room, has made him a symbol, has made him a flag-bearer of sorts for some kind of "white cultural rage" that is simmering somewhere, somehow.

He is but one man, and yet, he has dominated the German news cycle for this past fucking week. He is very likely going to be fired for his latest remarks (by the same people who parked him at the Bundesbank, in the hope that he would shut up) as of this evening, and that will only make him look more like a martyr for some.

His book owes a lot to the same intellectual filth that is penetatring the American media landscape right now, courtesy of Glenn Palin. Germany takes itself out of commission (Deutschland schafft ab, wow, now there's somebody who knows his words, right?).

He is of no consequence. He is but one man.

But our media treats him like he's more.

And there they were again, the angry shouts and the self-serving defenses, the professional "Betroffenheit" as we call it here in my country. The "but what is this, then?" that makes for good drama at a roundtable, controlled, guided and useless, in one political talk show after another.

He holds no elected office, that man. He lost that.

He was parked by his own party, given a cushy job for the last time he spoke out with his brain that apparently consists of one functioning cell, barely enabling him to construct a proper sentence. Let's not forget that. They parked him there, rewarding him for his last hateful outburst. And now they go, "oh dear, how could we have seen this coming?"

And still, he dominates the news cycle.

Because it is good drama. Because you can attack him easily. And shouldn't we? Isn't he the enemy? Isn't he exactly everything I once swore to fight until my dying breath? Shouldn't I be happy that he is torn down, and rightfully so?

I should.

But just at is the case in America with Glenn Palin, we give these people their echo chamber, we give it to them and not to the millions of hard-working people, who keep their noses against the grindstone every day, who integrate, who live and love, we don't tell their stories, we don't look up to them.


We look up, look down on this one man.

This one moron.

And that is the first and last time I am going to mention him.

That one moron.

Because that is all he is worth. That one mention. Life has no use for him. Love is unknown to him. Humanity is a statistic to him. He is not worth all those minutes, those hours, those days that have been spent, that have been wasted on him.

Let him die, I say. Let him die in silence, far away from the spotlights and the cameras and the TV show hosts that make him a spokesperson, that make him the freak of the week (now in its remake phase), that make him known to the rest of us.

Let him disappear. Into the shadows. Where he was, where he should be, where he hopefully will be soon. So that we will never hear this name again.

Thilo Sarrazin.