September 8, 2010


Here you see an idiot. A hateful, white idiot. Seems there are more and more of those going around. His name is Terry Jones. He thinks that Islam comes from the devil (which devil, may you ask? The original Jewish one, in the employ of God himself in the Book of Job, who tempts Job and otherwise only informs God of the evil intentions of men? Or is it the somewhat more steroid Michael Bay version of the later editions? Hey... just asking.).

Tery Jones is also the "minister" of the, and now get this, this is a good one, The Dove World Outreach Centre in Gainesville, Florida. Really. You. Could. Not. Make. This. Shit. Up. The Dove World Outreach Centre!

Terry loves to burn books. The Quran, specifically. One Saturday. On September, 11, because, hell, we all need a bit of symbolism now and then, and what's a little book burning among friends, eh? Or enemies. or is that frenemies these days?

Yes, he wants to put some kind of exclamation mark on something, because as we all know, it was every Muslim around the world who attacked America on 9/11.

And I say, let him burn the books.

What? Really? Yes, really. Let the idiot burn the books. See, it's not a government burning books. It's not the US government saying, "let's burn all of the Qurans we can find in this country". It's one man and his flock. Or maybe it's just him flogging his log. Need some good firewood to flog that log, let me tell you. But you know what? It's his right under the American constitution to burn the things. He bought them, right? Ka-ching! You want to burn the Quran, the Bible, the Torah, the collected wisdoms of Mao (wait? That fat fuck of a Communist dictator had wisdoms?) or Hitler's Mein Kampf, Dein Kampf, Was ist das hier, die Olympiade?...

... you have the right to be as stupid and as hateful as you wish to be and BBQ whatever books you like. Hey, you also have the right to shemale porn! You take the good with the bad, that's how democracies and free societies work.

As long as it is not government-sanctioned, that is.

And it isn't. Hilary Clinton spoke out against it. That super-awesome general David Petraeaus spoke out against it, and I won't even bother with linkage here, it's all over the web and all over the news, so it's not like you out there would have been able to escape it anywhere, with all that media coverage.

But wait. Did they speak out against it, because what Terry Jones (and hey, Terry? There's a brilliant member of Monty Python who wants his name back, thank you) is doing is hateful and stupid and goes against everything that a free society believes in?


What do we hear instead? Don't do it! This may endager our troops!

Excuse me? Isn't that one of the reasons – or so you all told us over and over again, with the media masturbating gleefully in line with that particular argumentation – why we are there in the first place? To fight for our freedoms? One of which is to tolerate assholes like Terry Jones as long as they dont become a grave threat towards our society as a whole? Like it or not, what that asshole is doing is "freedom of speech". One of our more fundamental freedoms, so I would have gathered.

It doesn't make him any less of an asshole, and we should, we have to to stand up against such nonsense, to speak out, to argue against such mental morons.

But our argument here is it could endanger the troops?

Really? What? If somebody were to draw a political cartoon depicting Muhammed, would we then... oh, wait bad example. If somebdoy were to point out that women's rights are regularly trampled on in numerous Muslim countries, would we... oh wait, another bad example.

For fuck's sake, grow some balls, will you?

And the media does what it always does these days... not dealing with the actual issue at hand, which is (a) Terry Jones and his followers are complete nitwits and (b) if you have a problem with nitwits, don't live in a free society.

What? We are afraid of a couple of demonstrations in [insert your country of "they hate us, they really hate us here] now? Flag burning, maybe? Some stone throwing, a fatwah here and there? Really? Please don't say anything that might offend a Muslim?

Don't get me wrong, I think that one should be tolerant to everything and everybody... as long as they are tolerant right back. But one of the major achievements of a free society, of a society that thrives on ideas and debate is... that, yes, we do get to offend each other.

There are "Christians" who are offended by the mere fact that gays exist and actually, ew, kiss in public and want to, more ewwwww, marry!

You know what? Grow the fuck up!

There are Mormons who are offended that we make fun of their holy underwear (and I believe if it's not from Victoria's Secret and makes me want to shag you in the most unholy ways, and by that, I mean in 1001 unholy ways and positions, some of which are too dangerous to have been collected in the Kamasutra and were taught to me by a wise and very flexible young lady, it is not holy underwear).

You know what? Grow the fuck up!

And there are Muslims who – as much as it pains me to say it – go crazy and violent every time they feel offended by something, be a woman showing her hair and face in public (such a Western whore!), be it a political cartoon (they are offending our god, who actually wasn't a god, but called himself a prophet and told his followers only to not depict him in an image as to not be worshipped instead of Allah himself) or be it an asshole like Terry Jones burning books...

You know what? Grow! The! Fuck! Up!

You want to be taken seriously? All of you? Be it the White Christian idiots (kids, Jesus was not blonde and blue-eyed, okay? That was just our depiction of him) or the Muslim idiots (Muhammed was a guy, the Quran is a book, it's s set of teachings that – like the ones preceding it – has some good parts in it and a lot of racist, dominating, powerful bullshit)...

... be prepared to be offended. Live with it. Roll with it. Like the rest of us do. You know, the ones who show up to a debate. Who don't burn flags. Or books. But who would stand up for the rights of those who we loathe down to the deepest depths of our hearts.

That's what it means.

To be free.