September 30, 2010


It appears to me that I cannot even enjoy a simple episode of The Daily Show anymore. Like, last night, Jon Stewart and his team of researchers (that are so much better at the journalism part of everything than anything the networks and the cable news channels are doing) exposed Rep. Alan Grayson as a liar, running an attack ad on his opponent Dan Webster, and calling him "Taliban Dan".

The proof? A snippet of "Taliban Dan" saying that women should submit, it says so in the bible. Now, I am expecting this kind of behaviour from the assholes of Faux News, taking things out of context and editing it in such a way as to show you, the viewer and the voter, the exact opposite of what the person said.

Isn't that right, Andrew Breitbart?

And yes, you are still a propagandist asshole and proven liar.

But now I am sad to say that with Alan Grayson another guy who I had thought was on of the genuinely "good guys" has to be dropped from my list.

You don't smear your opponent. You find out his lies and you butcher him for them. You tell the voters what you stand for, what you will fight for, what you bleed for, what you believe in.

But what you don't do?

You do not use the same bullshit tactics and propagandist lies that instill fear in your base, the way the Tea Party "candidates" do with their bullshit.

So, welcome, Alan Grayson, to the Showboating Assholes of America!

Come on down, asshole, come on down and accept your award, which in my case would be a fucking bitchslap that will make you spin around in circles. And to those who say to me "but the others are doing the same thing, and waaah waaah, if we don't do it, they might win."

Shut. Up.

I am not willing, not now, not ever, to play "follow the leader" and allow anybody to get away with the distortion of the truth, regardless of whether I agree with that person politically or not.

I am not letting Glenn Palin get away with it, I am not letting people like Amy Holmes or Andrew Breitbart getting away with it, hell, I am not even letting Bill Maher getting away with it.

What? You think that Alan Grayson is safe? Just because he stood up for some things that I also believe in? One has to stand on principle, not people. Otherwise this country is simply going to be run by the same kind of people, the same kind of politics, the same kind of leader worship, only in a different colour.

And such a thing is not acceptable.

Oh yes, and before I forget it. Here's my reply to Joe Biden's "Stop your whining."

Joe? Go, fuck yourself.