September 7, 2010


Sometimes, not very often – and as you get older you will understand why – but sometimes, you get lucky, and a friend plays you something, and it is simple, mundane almost, until you realise that it is such simplicity that makes a song, well, unique.

Such was the case when I first listened to Ingrid Michaelson's You And I.

It spoke to me. She spoke to me, and she just may speak to you, too, especially if you are still young and the weight of the world is bearing down on you and your loved one. If and when there are days when all appears to be lost, and you ask yourself, how are we going to make it through this? Will she still be here tomorrow? Will she leave me? Will he come through?

I have been there, and there was no happy ending for me.

I wish there will be one for you all, who are living through the uncertainty of today's wild times. Hold on tight. Hold each other. And know, in the depths of your hearts, that no-one can spoon like you do.