September 18, 2010


Obama's problem is that he does everything half-assed. Maybe it's because he is only half-black. If he was fully black, I'm telling you, he would be a better president. There's a white man in him, holding him back.
-Bill Maher, Real Time, September 17, 2010
While this may sound like a racist statement (and some would definitely pounce on that, I say, while I am nervously looking over to Fox News), it also contains a very true core to its funny joke. Barry has been doing nothing but half-assed things, has never stood his ground, has never spoken up and said, "you know something? You had eight years and fucked up the country. You fucked up the economy. You bailed out the wrong people. And here I am, and people are angry, and I am going to do something about it now."

And yes, there is a white man holding him back.

A white man he himself has chosen and chained himself to.

That man's name is Rahm Emanuel.

And while we are debating Christine O'Donnell's problems with masturbation (and I would say, honey, come on over, I'll show you how it's properly done) and sex at college (I need to go back to the University of Missouri and find those infamous orgy rooms. They weren't there when I was there, and I feel totally cheated, and not in the nice way), while we all look at the crazies...

... and Newt Gringrich? Shut up, just... shut up, will you?...

... Barry has not really lived up to his promise so far.  If he wants to, Rahm Emanuel has to be dragged, kicking and screaming, out of the White House.