September 17, 2010


One should perhaps not do a little Snoopy-style victory dance when a magazine/newspaper dies, and that after only two months on the market, after all, there are jobs at stake and journalists who have wives and kids and a mortgage, but... fuck it. The fact that another one of those "let's dumb down the population" bullshit products just bit the dust makes me happy.

Yes. Happy. 

The thing was called Chatter, which is already a stupid fucking name to begin with if you are targeting the German market.

Who exactly were they targeting? Them young'uns who – if they indeed give a shit about Britney Spear's baby beach bitch photos – can find that shit for free online, on the iStuff, on the Laptops, on the pimple-sized maggot brain festering at the outskirts of their asses?

Yes... these are the ones who definitely buy that stuff, right?

On no, wait, they didn't!

With a circulation run of 1.3 million and an initial price tag of 50 cents, such shit shoulda, woulda, coulda been a big success... roughly around 2002! And can I just say that I hope this really, really hurts Burda's coffers? I can't? Well, fuck you, I'll say it anyway.

I really hope this is hurting them like hell, for the creation of such a magazine shows a cynical, heartless and most of all brainless attitude towards what journalism should do for society. Burda is one of the companies that by and large feeds on shit like this with the appetite of a seven-hundred-year old vampire fly that has just found the biggest, bloodiest bullshit tank in history. Buzz Buzz Buzz Buzz Buzz! 

And for a long time, too long a time... gossip magazines like this one were a license to print money without adding anything to the debate.

Glorified celebrity masturbation, they were, only to rip them apart when it suited their sales.

And they not only shit on celebrities (as righteous as that may seem), they shit into the readers' brains at the same time. And for tht alone? Whenever one of them has to close?

Happy Day Snoopy Dance for me!