September 9, 2010


My parents just informed me that a friend of my nephew's was hospitalised last night after coming home from school and suddenly having half of his face drooping. That side of the face is now paralysed, and the doctors at the hospital have yet to obtain any solid lead as to what is going on. The boy is 14 years old.

The boy is smart. The boy is kind. The boy is now terribly ill.

And I wish god was real. So I could walk up there and slowly put my hands around that motherfucker's neck. And the first one to tell me that "god's ways are mysterious", let me tell you, you'll get my fist so fast to your fucking face that you think you've been in a time machine. I know god doesn't exist. I know it's all bullshit, that, that it all comes down to the luck of the draw, that "shit happens", so to speak, but whether true or not, it appears to me that so many times the "shit happens" only to good people, to innocent people, to people undeserving of such catastrophes.

While the bad people live happily after ever.

So I hope there are good doctors there, at the hospital. I do hope that they find out the underlying cause of the paralysis and are able to fix. I hope against hope.

But I hope.

That the kid will fight like hell.