October 20, 2010


Not only did Tea Bagger candidate Joe Miller have his private SS (what? It's just an abbreviation of Security Services, isn't it?) detain a reporter/blogger on the basis of "that man is really asking me very annoying questions, and what the fuck, not on my watch, he isn't" recently, no, Mr. Miller also praises...

... wait for it...

... East Germany! Yes, Mr. Miller has come out of the Stalinist closet and praised the effectiveness of the Berlin Wall in keeping the East Germans in. Or, in more technocratic terms, in stoppng the flow  of potential emigrants. Hell, if it worked so well with emigrants, it should work like a charm with potential Mexican immigrants.

Never mind that there was a standing kill order for the guards at the Berlin Wall. Never mind that the strip before the Berlin Wall was mined, was wired, was hounded (no, seriously, they had blood hounds), was the grave of hundreds of people attempting to flee to...

... again, wait for it..

... the more prosperous West, where they wished for a better, more prosperous future for themselves and their children.

Gosh, sounds familiar, doesn't it? See, while the Tea Baggers condemn Black Barry as the evil instigator of communism, what these people actually believe in?

It's Stalinism.

Everybody who disagrees with you can and will be detained without legal proceedings.

Everybody else can just suck it, while we build a wall to "protect our country". Ah, if only Walter Ulbricht was still around, that mast planner of the Berlin Wall would happily applaud someone of the same mindset as him. What, don't know who Ulbricht was? Look it the fuck up.

Come on down, Joe Miller of Alaska.

Accept your Stalinist of the Season Award.

You deserve it.