October 2, 2010


I just cannot believe what I have seen this week, me being on break, after all. So much so that I felt compelled to comment on these things, so much so that I couldn't turn away, could not stop looking.

I talked to my parents yesterday, and they are in their 60s, and they have always supported this state, this country, this democracy. They have voted for the most part conservative in their lives, and they have been one of those that make out the foundation of my country. Earnest, hardworking, serious, faithful, if not in god, then in the ideas and ideals of democracy, of fairness and accountability.

They told me they no longer recognise this country. And they will vote again the next time an election comes around, and you better believe it's not going to be for those who are in power now.

There is a giant seismic shift happening, not only in this country, but many others. The powerful have dropped their masks, dropped all pretense and in the past decade have shown us quite openly who it is they care about, what it is they care about.

Surprise! It ain't us!

We have a succession of chancellors, each one worse than the previous one, dropping from the warm and peaceful humanitarian Willy Brandt, who was instrumental in building Germany's reputation in the early 1970s, to the cold and uncaring and technocratic Helmut Schmidt, still far too revered at the end of the 1970s, through the German version of Ronald Reagan, the first German Bubble Boy Helmut Kohl, for more years than I care to remember, to the selfish sell-out Gerhard Schröder... and now Angela Merkel, who is the bottom o the barrel.

Only risen to power, because her mentor needed an East German face in his government, manipulative, uncaring, backstabbing and unimaginative, she resembles the worst of what the political class has transformed into.

There is much talk in the Western European countries about "Parallel Societies", always meaning the insulated pockets of predominantly Muslim migrants that are growing in every major city, coming with their own rules, their own laws, their own languages and cultures. These pockets exist. I have seen them. And they are dangerously corrosive to our society, since so many of their laws, so many of the things they believe in are diametrically opposed to what any Western democracy should stand for. Equality. Liberty. Tolerance.

But there is another "Parallel Society", and if the Muslim migrant one is already dangerous and corrosive, it is that one that has grown like cancer in Berlin, in Düsseldorf, in every city and state capital where the political class has established itself, far removed from those they are supposed to represent.

There are bubbles now, insulated, isolated, with press releases and press conferences being nothing more than instant messages, polls nothing more than political tools and politicians resembling the new aristocracy, the technocratic side, the governing side of an even smaller class of people, who have left the common ground of our faiths, of our beliefs, of our system of governance.

These bubbles are connected through first class airfare tickets and private jets, through limousines and parties, they are adored and coddled, blown and blow-jobbed, they are the ones, as George Carlin once said, "the owners of this country", and not just this country, but every other country as well.

There are people now, and I cannot bring myself to call them human beings anymore, they are not, their humanity is a shell, a costume they put on for us to see on display, there are people now who have perverted the very foundations on which modern democracies are built on. They are the ones who let the state pay social welfare to those who work for them at impossibly reduced wages. They are the ones who socialise costs and losses and keep the profits all to themselves.

They are the one who turned our countries into the models of modern slavery, where they no longer even have to take responsibility for those they enslave, they put them on welfare, pay them no living wage, but let the state do it for them.

And they are getting bolder. They are giving interviews now. They tell it to us, to the cameras, in political talk shows, in press conferences, in op-ed articles. "We need to do this,", they tell us, "because otherwise our companies would no longer be profitable."

Imagine them standing in front of a Southern mansion, in a white suit and you know what they are. It is always the same excuse. Slavery dressed up as capitalism, because they don't believe in capitalism, that is merely what they tell you, what they want you to believe. See, if they actually believed the bullshit they are saying, then a company that cannot be profitable if it is without state subsidies... has to go under.

That's the free market for you.

But we have no free markets, we have parallel societies, in which corporations, most of them global, are in a bubble where "free market" means "corporate communism" and "socialism" means accountability for your actions, and hell, we can't have that, now, can we?

It is these people who are moving money and work around, like locusts, who are paying billions in bribe money, in hush money, to the political class to block regulation, to keep their machinations working, who use national interests as their shields, who use national prejudices as their weaponry, because they no longer live in our countries, not really, not anymore.

They are a parallel society now, as far removed from roughly 90 percent of the world's population as the French aristocracy was in 1776. They see us from their mansions, from their penthouses and from way up there, from their private jets...

... and they see human lives as a statistic, in columns of profit and loss, to be moved around like numbers, without any intrinsic value.

There is a sesmic shift happening right now. When people like my parents have lost their faith in the system, when people like my nephew face an uncertain future and no longer have the possibility to find any moral compass in the actions of those who proclaim themselves to be the "elite" but are in fact only thugs with an entitlement problem.

Our democracies are in danger, more so than in any time since the late 1920s, and in their blind arrogance, those who have the power, who own the politicans, who own the guns an dthe armies... think that they can control what is coming.

They won't.

There's a storm coming. It's not too late to stop it. There is still time. To avoid it all. But time is running out, and with each new demonstration, with each new perverted display of power by those who have no shame, no humility and no empathy, the winds are rising.

There's a storm coming.

And I for one don't want to be here when it hits.