October 22, 2010


In Quebec (which is the French-speaking enclave of Canada, ja), the state's government wants to ban the burqa, in a very limited capacity. What they want to do is this...
Hearings resumed Tuesday on the government’s proposed legislation that prohibits the wearing of the Islamic face veil, the niqab, when receiving or delivering government services. However, the bill stops short of barring public servants from wearing all other religious symbols.
In other words, you need to be able to be identified. Which is kind of important, wouldn't you agree? Let's say somebody works at Social Services, wears a burqa. You as the person who must see this person then as a representative of the state... will see nothing. You cannot make a claim later that this was the one who e.g. denied your claims, or was maybe abusive in their role as a state's representative. Gosh, why would that be a problem in a country ruled by law?

The same holds true vice versa. If you go somewhere, you need to be able to be identified, which e.g. in Germany means there is a "Vermummungsverbot" (a ban to hide your face during e.g. a demonstration). In short, the ability to identify both your citizens as well as the state's representatives is one of the cornerstones of a modern democracy.

It holds you accountable.

And yes, before any idiot out there says that the German riot police is not playing by these rules, as we were all witnesses to during the protests of the recent weeks, let me make this perfectly clear. Those fascist stormtrooper outfits worn by the German police are in fact completely illegal. Not that our government cares that much if they beat they shit out of you for peacefully protesting, but still...

... illegal (now, find a judge who will uphold this for police officers, and I will buy you a drink. Or two. Fuck. I will buy you the entire bar).

But to show that every religious group... and I mean EVERY religious group is fucking crazy, the Orthodox Jews are joining the fundamentalist Muslims in Quebec to whine about the ban (which is a limited ban pertaining only to a very limited part of public life, as my emboldened sentence above in the quote shows). Because it would rule that...

...yes, what would it rule, dear Orthodox Jew Crackers?

That the rule of law is above your religious sensibilities? That it denies you your sexual and racial prejudices, of which you have enough yourself? Now, read this...
The legislation stems from a long debate in Quebec on reasonable accommodation of religious groups. While the bill focuses on the controversy over the wearing of the niqab by Islamic women, Montreal’s Orthodox Jewish leaders expressed fear their community may also be targeted eventually. For instance, they are concerned that the accommodation allowed to Orthodox Jewish women to have a female examiner during drivers’ tests could be revoked.

The community became part of the controversy over reasonable accommodation in 2006, when it requested that a Montreal YMCA install frosted windows on its building. The Hasidic Jewish Congregation Yetev Lev wanted to prevent young boys and teenagers studying at the synagogue just across the street from the gym from having a full view of the women exercising.
Oh dear. Your boys might have to interact with, eeeek! GIRLS! Vagina Alert! Vagina Alert! Cooties! Cooties! Sexual prejudice, dressed up in religious bullshit.

You know something? Your boys should be seeing women. In all shapes and forms. In all what they are. You know? You might learn something. Like, a woman is just a person, too, with a couple of different bits from you.

They are not better, not worse. They are just people.

They need no "special protection" from the world of man. Shit, I am finding myself on the side of German ultra-feminist Alice Schwarzer here, and people who know me know how uncomfortable that very thought makes me.

How about the rights of these women to exercise? Fuck that shit, right? And your women might be tested by a man? Oh, the horror! The horror!

Would you like to have some separated water fountains, too? How about special busses? Gosh, if we were talking about black people, Jesse Jackson would have a heart attack! Al Sharpton would call a press conference!

But hell, it's just women's rights, right?

Fuck them. That's what they are there for. To fuck and to be your property.

To all the Islamists and to the Crazy Jews and the Crazy Christians (watch for that Studio 60 reference), get your fucking heads out of your fucking asses and join the rest of mankind in the 21st century, will you?

Or go to those countries that still enforce middle age (and older) bullshit. There you can also enjoy such things as beheadings and stonings and cutting off people's hands.

You'll be so much happier there.

And the rest of us can live our lives.