October 8, 2010


I don't even care anymore whether Germany or Turkey win tonight's qualifying game in Berlin tonight, although at the time I am writing this, Germany leads by 1:0.

I am disgusted by the unashamed display of hatred against Mesut Özil by the so-called Turkish "soccer fans". Yes, you hear me right. I am disgusted by you. You people make me sick. You people are not any different from those hateful pieces of scum who yowl and whistle and show hatred against black soccer players. Against gay soccer players.

You claim you want to be integrated, to be treated as equals, to be part of German culture.

And yet, here you are, showing your ugly face.

You boo a man who was born in this country, my country, who has shown nothing but respect to the country of his fathers, your country, but who is proud to say that he is here, that he is a German, that he is proud of the country he grew up in, that he has done exactly what all of you claim is being denied to you.

He has not been assimilated, he has not betrayed you, you have no claim on him.

Neither do the Germans.

He chose. He had that choice. Many people, so many people around the world do not have that choice. So many people will always and forever be seen by their skin, by their sexuality, by their culture.

Mesut Özil.

He's a Muslim. He is a German. He is what the future can be. He is what the German president Christian Wulff praised, hoped for, asked for when last week on October 3rd he told all of us, not just in Germany, but in all of Europe, that "Islam is part of German culture".

And you show your ugly faces.

You boo this man. You hiss and spit on this man.

What does that tell us about you? About your values? About what kind of human beings you are? It tells us you don't want to be here. You don't want be part of a modern Europe. You are nationalistic, small-pricked assholes. You are the ones who claim that they are part of Germany, but you never will be. You don't wish to be.

You reject everything that Mesut Özil represents.

You hate a man for transcending his origins.

You hate a man for what he is, and what he aspires to be.

You hate a man who is still young. Who may ask himself right now, as the German team is sitting in the locker room, what he has done to deserves such hatred, to deserve such scorn.

Don't bother to answer that, my dear Turkish "Soccer Fans".

Your booing is quite enough.

Go fuck yourselves.