October 13, 2010


I have roughly 15,000 words written of my new project. It has a name now. It's called RETIRED. I am having the time of my life.

I am no longer depressed.

I have started to work out again.

I no longer have migraine attacks.

I stopped giving a fuck.

I am writing. I am finding a voice that is unlike the one I have found for my children's books. It is staccato. It has a rhythm. It is mean and nasty and sarcastic and fun. I have shown it to more people. I have seen their jaws drop. I have heard them say, this should be a movie. I have heard them say, this should be a TV show.

I have heard them say that this is a masterpiece.

And in a way, it will be. I am writing it like a TV show, structurally. It will be made up of episodes. It will be made up of cliffhangers. It will have that serial structure. It will be released, once it is all done, in weekly installments.

It will be Season One of something much larger.

I am going back to those things of my youth. The pamphlets. The floppies. The short novelettes, like John Sinclair and Professor Zamorra, weekly adventures that were cheap and could be read during the lunch breaks in your high school, that you anticipated, looked forward to every week.

Again, I say it. It's not literature. It's what I now call Noveau Pulp.

It's fast. It's hard. It takes no prisoners.

And it is fun to write.

It is also the blueprint for more projects to come, including THE CAGE.

I will write TV... for you to read!

Must Read TV!