October 15, 2010


While I cannot state that this is by any measurement perfect, it is a good first try on how to feel my way through the potential cover designs for my RETIRED series. The image here is merely a placeholder, which we in design often do in order to test something out.

It belongs to and is (c) all the fucking way by Ashley Wood (sorry, Mr. Wood), so don't think that it's what I'm going to use. I simply wanted to take a look at several variants (none of the others being remotely good enough to post, design is trial and error, more error than anything else, with you going through numerous ideas in your head that sound very good... before you see them on the screen and go, what the fuck was I thinking? It happens.)

Still, there is something here, and if it weren't past eleven on a Friday night, I might even know what it is. It retains the classical pulp elements, but attempts to simplify them (I have never been a fan of "homage" cover designs).

Anyway, it is just a first try. Many more will indubitably follow.