October 15, 2010


As you can see here, The Tribe has not been forgotten, neither by me nor by Edo Fuijkschot, although the current working pace (hey, the man has shit to do, you know) will not allow for the project to be what I had originally intended, a monthly or bi-monthly 22-page e-floppy.

Instead, it will be a series of graphic novels at roughly 100-110 pages each. And when they will be coming to an e-device near you, well, that will still be a bit in the future. Edo and I have decided that – for once – we will do something just for fun and not care when it will be done, just on what quality level it will be done.

It is the only comic I am working on, and – unless there is a giant seismic shift in the industry before we all get hit by deadly solar rays in December 2012 – it is likely to be the only comic I will ever work on in my life.

Just like Alan Moore, I still love the medium of the comic book, I love it a lot, but I completely despise the industry and pretty much everybody who has a say in it. I now and then flip through comics, and I find them mundane, mediocre and without meaning, designed to maximise merchandise and not entertain.

I am not angry. Not anymore. I fought the fight. I lost the fight. I know I can't change anything there. And with the exception of The Walking Dead, I have absolutely no desire to read any comic books that are being published, especially by the big corporate bullshit builders.

Being angry with them for being woefully retarded is like being angry at Bill O'Reilly. It just makes you feel empty, and they will still make money and think they are producing something worthwhile.

And I have shit to do, you know?

So, here's the first page of the first chapter, including dialogue.

I loved writing it.

I loved lettering it.

It has a good flow.