October 21, 2010


Or soon to be the German State of Wallonia? Wallonia? Freedonia?

Is there an echo in here? And is it somewhat distorted?

Where's Rufus T. Firefly when you need him?

I'm sorry, but apparently the dead duck energy minister of de-facto Belgian government, Paul Magnette, gave an interview during which he publicly pondered where the French-speaking part of Belgium might wind up, if the currently rather troubled Belgian nation were to break apart.

Guess where?

Germany. Huh? Wha? Apparently, we are a lot more peaceful in debating our internal disputes than the French are (who are currently burning cars again while demonstrating against the pension reform plans, ah, ze wacky French, zey must be ze reason pitchforks and torches are still in ze business, yes?). According to Paul Magnette. And the German-speaking minority in Wallonia hasn't gotten involved at all in the current power struggle in Belgium.

I say, Wallonia, welcome! Come on over! We'll take you. Okay, we tried to take you twice, in 1914 and 1940, but that's just l'amour, eh? Come on over, bring the Pommes Frites, bring the waffles, bring... oh shit, Brussels? Eh. I guess you can bring Brussels, too.

Seriously. Just for the fact that there might be a Federal State of Wallonia, just for that name alone I'd be totally for this. You can keep on speaking French! We don't mind! We'd need a couple of people speaking proper French! Bring the comic book creators! We can finally claim that Hergé is German! That Tintin is part of the Great German culture! We can claim George Simenon, too! And his wonderful creation Maigret!

Hail, Hail, Wallonia! Land of the Free and Brave!

Be careful what you wish for, kids. As the great Groucho Marx once said, I'd never want to be the member of a club that wants to have me.