November 24, 2010


So, please no "blowing up South Korea" or "attacking Iran" or whatever. Also, could the retarded politicians in every country stop saying stupid shit that I then would be compelled to find evidence against? Just for a couple of days?

Thank you.

To the media – shut up for a while, will you? No terrorism alerts, please, no lies about how Germany is entering yet another "golden decade" that is starting apparently after the last "golden decade" started in 2006...

... only to be so rudely interrupted by the collapse that every single fucking idiot in your editorial rooms so conveniently overlooked in 2005, when smarter people already knew what was going on and were laughed out of those rooms. And yes, one of those smarter people was me, and I have witnesses.

Shut up for a while, will you? There, that's a good lad. Write some nice stories about some nice Irish people, make them look all nice and pretty and shiny, because your corporate masters need that tax haven. Oh, also, the next idiot who points at the retarded "corporate feeling" index IFO that merely collects poll data without ever having adequately reflected financial and/or economic realities as a sign of "happy days are here again" will get a fucking bullet in his brain.

It's a poll, people. It's a poll that asks managers how they feel about the future. It is neither scientific, nor is it backed up by significant empirical data. And you do know what empirical data is, right?

So don't. Just don't.

I'll be off, writing. I'll be off, trying to help my parents who are not feeling that well at all. I'll be off the internet, off the TV, off the grid. t's difficult for me. I'm a truth junkie. I'm a junkie. And it's that time again. For your daily dosage of truth, not turkeys, look up Glenn Greenwald, the only good thing about Look up anything and everything Jeremey Scahill writes. Look up Matt Taibbi. Look for these names. Look for the anger.

Look for the truth.

As for me? I have decided to try to get some sleep. Some rest. Some measurement of calm. Some moment of peace.

So be good, world, will you? Think you can manage that, for a couple of days? Without resorting to rape? To genocide? To all the horrible things people do, without thinking about them for a single moment, each new day?

That would be just awesome.