November 11, 2010


The Huffington Post just reported that the Black Barry White House is going to cave on the Bush tax cuts for the very, super-fucking rich (at the moment I cannot link to it, my apologies, but it is the lead story on their front page).

No mentioning of the deficit from anybody anywhere, right of Black Barry. All are going "hooray!" The tea baggers? "Hooray!" The Wall Street thieves? "Hooray!"

Barry? They still ain't going to invite you to their posh places, you know? They still think you're a nigger. But at least now you are their nigger.

Maybe he'll now get invited to the country club

It appears to be his ambition to be loved by the rich. It's not that different, really, from that guy we elected in Germany in 1998, Gerhard Schröder. He came into office on the rpomise that – after 16 years of Kohl – things would be different, that this time we would become an inclusive society.

You appear to be repeating the German political cycle, for it was then that exact same Schröder who had a rich criminal named Peter Hartz (and I can call him a criminal, he was convicted of fraud) dismantle the German welfare state that now is the "motor" of the German economy, where corporations can hire highly qualified workers without a minimum wage at sometimes 3 dollars per hour, with the welfare system having to pay for these workers to not go under.

And just like in the United States wth the Tea Party, the backlash put the exact same people back in power last year who then swiftly moved on to call for more cuts to the social system and create an entire class of working slaves (and make no mistake, if you get paid 3 or 4 dollars an hour for a full-time job, you are a slave).

If you look at Germany from the inside, it paints a very different picture from the "we are so awesome, look at us grow" reporting done based on the German GDP growth.

We now have social ghettos. We never had those when I was a kid (and I grew up poor, but there was never poverty as it is now). Just like with the rust belt, there are places in Western Germany where you will not believe that this is a Western country. It looks like Communist Germany, roughly 1987. Roads and houses are falling apart. Stores are gone. Factories are closing. And that is where you are, too, my American friends.

And our "leaders" are not better than yours. Social Democrats. Christian Democrats. All of them, in the pockets of the big banks.

And if you want to talk Corporate Communism... the energy companies here (all totally in favour of nuclear power) got what they wanted this year. A repeal of an issue the Germans had thought was resolved at the beginning of the decade, that all nuclear power plants would be closed down at the end of their life cycle, with no new ones being build. Guess what? Now the last one may be closing (maaaybe) in 2035, making easy money for our energy giants...

... while the tax payer (and that means the middle class and below) will have to front the costs of the nuclear waste. That is what the demonstration this week in Gorleben was all about.

I had a talk today with a friend of my parents, who is a simply amazing woman, helping out the ever-increasing wave of the working poor at the Food Bank (again, we didn't even have that when I was a kid) in her spare time.

"Yours is that generation," she told me. "You will be still here when the fighting in the streets will start. You will see it. It isn't that far into the future. I can see it in the eyes of those who come to our Food Bank every week. I can see how empty their souls have become. That fight? It will come. I just hope I'll be dead before it does."

The scary thing?

I know she's right.