November 19, 2010


They're coming. On Monday. No, really. Somebody somewhere talked about something. And that means that on Monday, Novmber 22, somebody somewhere might cross Germany's borders to do something. Something awful. Something that might target Christmas markets. Or train stations. Or something. Somewhere. Boo! Be afraid. Be very afraid. Them terrorists are coming. Ho! Ho! Ho!

Thus plays it all out on the Germam media right now, which is becoming more FOX-ified by the minute and played like a fiddle by our agencies, by our police and our military.

We need to protect our freedoms!

The police come out and say that they need a lot more men. And weaponry. And riot gear.

We need to protect our freedoms!

The politicians come out and claim again that they need to know everything, everywhere, all the time, who is on the web, what are they looking at (right now, I am looking at you, boo!), even though the German Supreme Court has told them not just very long ago that the American Nazi way of keeping wiretaps on everybody – just in case – is unconstitutional, striking down the last attempt to spy on us all.

We need to protect our freedoms!

Just one day before the latest alarm call, the Christian Democrats (now, there is a laughable name for a party if there ever was one, there ain't nothing Christian about them, unless you are talking about a more right-wing bullshit coaltion of the bullies) have agreed amongst themselves to turn the German military into an "all volunteer" army, and let us translate into what it really means, a mercenary force that is – by the wishes of our government – supposed to be able to be used on German soil. Something that has been explicitly forbidden since...

... yes, Bueller?

Since the days of the Third Reich.

We need to protect our freedoms!

But let's just say those two or three potential bombers who might or might not exist and who might or might not cross the borders aren't the ones we need to protect our freedoms from. What's the worst they can do? No, seriously. Yes, they can blow up a market. Or a train station. Or a bus station. Is that possible? Of course it is. And people may die. Guess what. People die every day. This is such a low possibility, and yet, oh, the fear! The fear! They are coming for our freedoms!

Bull. Shit.

They're out there. Somewhere. Some place. Those who want our freedoms. They just don't wear muslim garb. They wear suits and ties. And were elected. And want to stay in power.

Forever, if possible.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.