November 3, 2010


Considering that the immediate reaction (and I am talking here, one the same day – yesterday) to the parcel/mail bombs from Yemen was "this is the most dangerous terrorist plot, like, ever, or at least since 9/11, we are going to call for decisive military action, like, right now"...

... the bombs that were sent to the German Chancellory and the French president and to a couple of other places from Greece would have to warrant the same reaction, right?

Right? Bueller?

Let's compare.

A threat from a country that is politically and economically instable?


The means of delivery of such threat being the same?


The inability of said country's government to keep its most extreme citizenry under lock and key as to prevent attack from their soil on other countries?


Boys and girls, it is clear that Greece and Yemen thus fall under the American government's definition of a failed state. It is clear that both countries harbour terrorists that are bend on destroying and/or destabilising Western democracies.

However, the reactions – both in the media and from government officials – are nothing compared to the outcry of outrage in the case of Yemen.

Now, what is the difference, hm? Can you tell me? Come on, it is not that hard.

Let me tell you. Nobody here gives a fuck as to how many innocent people may die in a Western attack (oh, what the hell, let us call it a "military police action", that one worked so well before...) on Yemen. Because (a) it's a Muslim country and (b) it's in the Middle East, and tradition expects us to bomg something there, anything, really...

I personally think that nothing in the past year or so has shown more and better what hypocrites run our governments, especially but not limited to the American government.

If it weren't the case, we'd have drones above Athens right now.

Doing them "surgical strikes", yes?