November 19, 2010


Of course, all religious and racial nutcases of the world will silently do a little dance of joy as the Muslim and African nations do what they all want, secretly, of course. To take away the very notion of gays and bisexuals to be seen as a group deserving of basic human rights.

Or as Eveyln Leopold in the Huffington Post reports...
At issue was a measure on Extrajudicial, Summary or Arbitrary Executions adopted by a General Assembly committee. Usually a vote in the committee, which includes all UN members, is tantamount to official passage by the Assembly.

The reference in the three-page draft came in the sixth of 22 paragraphs and urged investigations of all killings "committed for any discriminatory reason, including sexual orientation." The provision was among many that had been proposed and analyzed by a "special rapporteur" (investigator) on the subject.

Benin, the chair of the African group of nations, proposed the amendment and Morocco, on behalf of the Islamic Conference, argued that there was no foundation for gays in international human rights instruments as there was in cases of race, gender and religious discrimination.
Yes, you heard that right. Gays are not included in that little group that can be protected from abuses, including, but not limited to torture, murder and genocide.

Can you say oooops?

Just a post back, I said that our freedoms are under attack. And they are. But not by single bombers. They are under attack by people in power. By racists, by hate-filled bigots who can claim who is and who is't worty of the protection of the law.

And here is where I call out the Muslim countries and every Muslim community. Unless you stand up for the rights of everybody, and this includes people who are who they are, who are wired to sweaty man-on-man or sweaty woman-on-woman sex, who can only fall in love (not just lust, love) with somebody of the same sex, you can all go and fuck yourselves.

Yes, I am serious. Go fuck yourselves.

And I am not just talking about the Muslim countries. Listen. Listen closely.
Gays have been a controversial issue for years and in 2008 Europeans introduced a declaration to decriminalize homosexuality that was endorsed by 67 nations, including President Barack Obama in 2009. But it never received enough support to be turned into a resolution as nearly 66 nations signed an opposing declaration, among them Islamic states, China, Russia and the Vatican.
China, Russia. The Vatican. And another 63 states. Isn't it always nice to see the Vatican side with dictatorships? Like, hey, it's not like the Vatican has not a long history of fucking the oppressed and sucking the dicks of the powerful. Hey, it's not like they didn't support the Nazi regime in exchange for the money they could collect through the church tax. It was single Catholic priests who stood up against the terror in Germany, it was single Caholic priests who got caught, who got rounded up, who got gassed.

The Vatican? Didn't do a fucking thing.

Fuck them all. If you cannot give a segment of your own population protection, a segment that has never hurt anybody (when was there a last time you saw a GAY TERRORIST? Hm? really. Tell me. I can tell you. Never), if you outlaw love, if you outlaw dignity, why should we give you those rights? Were it the gays who did mass rapes in your countries? Oh, no, wait, that was you! Based on some tribal shit. Or some race shit.

Because, oh, it's religion? Because, oh, it's race? Let's do a little thinking here. Let's outlaw every person of African descent in Germany. No, even better. Let's outlaw every Muslim in Germany. No, even better. Let us put you in camps. Trust us, we have the experience! We have the means! And if we really, really put our mind to it, we can have you round up in a flash, and the ovens are still cooking!

Oh. It's different, then, is it?

Wahhh! Wahhh! You can't do that! We have our own way of life! Wahhh!

Fuck you. What makes you so much better? Hm? Is it god? Fuck god. If this is the god you worship, then it's a hateful little prick. And not worthy of anything other than disgust. And if that god does exist, let me tell you something. Let me promise you something. If you god of hate exists, I will have a meeting with him when I die.

I then am looking forward to that meeting.

And that god will have a rebellion on his hands that will make Lucifer's look like a fucking school trip. Yes, you heard that right. I will then go into hell and I will free everybody there who is imprisoned, who is tortured, who has never done anything wrong, who is there because of people like you and your god.

I will raise an army from them.

And then I will lead them. And I will bring them to those pearly gates.

And then I will blow your god's brains out.