November 9, 2010


Actually, I am doing a lot more than that. I am sharing intel with friends and former colleagues around the world in order to make a decision that I am facing, and I don't want to be making said decision in an emotional state.

And so I am sharing, and I am asking, because the thoughts, opinions and the analysis coming from these people mean a lot to me (even though some of them were somewhat going, "and you're asking me?"), and I want to calculate down the percentage of probability being wrong about this.

I cannot state here what that decision is about, but I am incredibly grateful to those who did reply and gave me their unbiased (since none of them is directly involved) take on it. I'm doing this in the knowledge that I might have missed something, however small, that I might have missed potential, if not probable alternate explanations for something that has been weighing on my mind for at least two months now.

It is one of those cases where I wished, desperately wished that I was wrong, and it is becoming more apparent with each passing day that I wasn't.

It's a business decision. It's an important decision.

I thank you all, friends, buddies and Romans, not just privately, but also here.

The decision is now mine to make.

But your most generous input has made it a little bit easier.

[NOTE]: Hah! I just realised that it is the 9th of November. Of course it is. All important decisions in Germany were made on November 9th. That has just crossed the line from irony to evil omen...