November 19, 2010


So, German agencies and the German government admit today that the bomb (potential bomb, whatever, was it a dry run from, oh gosh, terrorists?) they found at an airport in Namibia about to go onto an Air Berlin flight to Germany...

... was a test suitcase. A professional test suitcase. Made for security services by a company to test whether security would pick up a bomb. So why the fuzz?

Uh. Because apparently nobody anywhere can remember being responsible for this test run (an official test run, apparently, and no, you are not going to tell me that the terrorists had access to this kind of equipment now, do you? I see somebody shaking his head in the last row. Hey, you. Yes, you, idiot. If they had access to such equipment, it would be fucking easy to retro-engineer ways to not set off any alarm, you know? Tsk. Tsk. Idiot), but in the amazing words of woefully retarded German minster of the interior, Thomas de Maiziere, "it could have very well been the German security services themselves, but we don't know."

Wow. Let me repeat this whole past couple of days to you in a simple sentence. The same people who knew that on November 22, evil people would cross the border into Germany to do evil things (maybe they shouldn't have taken that left turn in Alburquerque) have no idea, have no list, no memo, no nothing about whether a professional test suitcase was used on an Air Berlin flight to Africa.

Doesn't matter, people!

We need to immediately have a new wiretapping law to replace the one just found to be unconstitutional. So they shout. Really, people? I mean, really?

All this, today, on the radio. Three news items. Three. One after another. And not a single raido news presenter thought, wow, this just may be a bit strange.

[UPDATE] And the trail of the fake bomb suitcase leads to... America. So it seems. It was built by an American company (a small one), and it appears... and I say this with all due caution, but it appears that the US services were informed a lot quicker than anybody on the German side. You know, that would be apparently the same US services that told us that on November 22... well, you know the rest.