November 23, 2010


Even if I am in danger of offending every Irish person who ever lived, get Guinness thrown in my face and be pursued by every Leprechaun on the planet, the latest interview given by the Irish finance minister to the German BILD newspaper/tabloid is not merely a slap, it is a punch in the face of every European, but especially Germans.

Not only will the German tax payer have to front the majority of billions of Euros once again, putting even more pressure on the German workforce (because here is one thing that will never happen... increase taxes on banks? Why, I never!), the sheer arrogance of Brian Lenihan and the Irish government of "staying the course" and essentially attempting to be the drug pusher to transnational corporations by being a low tax country...

... come one, come all. In Ireland you won't have to pay taxes, not really...

... makes me want to vomit in my mouth. And then the man tells us that Ireland isn't brankrupt. Mate, if you have only 22 billion in reserves, and Europe has to quickly cough up 100 billion...

... you. are. fucking. broke.

Okay? Try the math, moron. Or don't give interviews when you are drunk. Or both. It's not like I am against helping other countries out, but then they have to stop giving corporate blow jobs. And the Irish people have to understand that. That Germans are getting pissed off. And I am not talking about the German government. I'm talking about the people on the street. Who are getting sick and tired of having the feeling that they have to pay for those who were greedy, who were reckless...

... and who haven't learned a damn thing. Because all in all, we are not bailing out Ireland, we are bailing out their creditors. And who are their creditors? Oh, it's the same people who have been bailed out globally again and again. The multinational corporations and the multinational banks, who set up shop in Ireland because they wouldn't have to pay taxes there, because in Ireland, nobody was looking to closely at them.

And who are crying out now again.

Save us! Give us our money! Save us! We deserve it! We are the elite! Can't you tell by the fact that we are paying ourselves millions and millions? Save us! We need some fucking € 18,000 bottle of bubbly again!

Dear Ireland. The game is capitalism. Look it up.

Dear banks. The game is not corporate communism. Look it up.

If you made a risky investment, then you gotta pay the piper at some point, and you cannot hide behind the cringing whine of "waaaah, we are systematically relevant, we cannot fail, we are too big to fail, you better not touch us, or tax us, or even talk about it."

One of these states will soon become the Rubicon.

And if you don't know what the Rubicon is? Look. It. Up.

It won't be Ireland. But Portugal and Spain are already knocking on the door. Of course, right now they are still lying, our politicians, telling us the same story again that they told us with fraudulant Greece. Here we stopped it, don't worry, it won't spread around, blah blah fucking blah...

They are lying. It is coming. It is right outside our houses. The Ghost of Christmas Future, financially speaking. And if all politicians were to value Europe as a democratic union, they will start cutting the banker's throats.

Before the population of our states will.

And they will. Make no mistake about it.

One of these days, the first banker will hang on a lamp post.

And when that happens, don't say that nobody warned you.