November 3, 2010


And the only thing I can say with regards to the midterm elections in the United States of America, what most of them have said was "we have the fucking memory of a goldfish". So now you have what you wanted. You have the people back in positions of power who were so good to you before, who were instrumental in causing the greatest economic collapse since the 1930s...

... and who were quite clear about the fact that they will do it again.

You have a President who already sold out pretty much everything you wanted over the past two years, and who still got hammered for being a Communist/Socialist/Nigger Anti-Colonialist Kenyan. And who this evening European time had a press conference that made me roll my eyes, moan and wondering if Black Barry is on a different earth, you know, like Earth 2 or Terra Nova, for he also apparently doesn't need writers.

That man there wasn't a president. That man there was a Harvard professor lecturing. That man there had no fire in him, and I am tired of people telling us that he is the master at 11th dimensional chess, and that the rest of us are just too stupid to understand him.

Intelligence is important. Tactical planning is important.

And it is worth nothing if you don't have something worth fighting for. If you don't have the heart to stand up and tell the ones who say "no" to everything, "hey, assholes, you want a fight? I'll give you one. I will start mopping up the floors with you, ain't that what us niggers are supposed to do for you, anyway?"

The media makes the claim all over the place that it's Obama's radical leftism is what drove the votes to vote Republican this time. Okay. Fine. You will likely see not anything happen in the next two years. More people will fall through the cracks. Extended unemployment? Forget about it, kids. How's that street looking to you? Getting sick? Tough shit. Health care coverage – even the limited one – will not kick in until 2014 and later.

Your premiums (if you still have a job), however?

Going up, up, up... right now.

The ones who voted in Rand Paul? Congratulations! You now have a fucking racists standing up for you. Oh, wait, you are racists, too? Oh, good. At least in that case, you good people of Kentucky, have the right person representing you. And don't give me that "but I have a black friend, you know". Fuck that shit. It's the same thing as stating "You know, not all Jews are devious Communist Capitalist Crackerfucks" if you were a German in the 1930s, because, "you know, Aaron down there at the corner shop, he's kind of decent. Why, if he hadn't worn that yellow star the other day, I would have never known."

Yes, the people have spoken.

They spoke like a three year old.

What they said was "Waaaaah!"

So, here's the deal, kids. Don't whine. When they come for your Social Security and your medicare, don't whine. When you still cannot make your credit card payments, and the jobs continue to go away, don't whine.

You have spoken.

You told the poor, the helpless, the minorities, the gays, the sick to "man up".

Just like your Queen Sarah did.

You better suffer the consequences.

And you better fucking suffer them in silence.

Man up, motherfuckers. It's going to be a bumpy ride.