November 7, 2010


Since everybody in the media and their monkey is consistently pointing at my country Germany for "bringing unemployment under control", let me just point out two things. One, it is the same kind of shallow, lazy reporting that had the right wing snap up some hogwash item from India telling that Obama's trip costs 200 million a day. That's bad enough, but from this former reporter's perspective, the constant misinformation world-wide about Germany is even worse.

Yes, our unemployment numbers are down, because the state mandates to take you a job, any job with pay underneath the welfare line. In fact, these practices, during which employers willfully and with intent pay hourly wages of 2 to 4 Euro (Germany has no mandatory minimum wage) and then tell their employees to go on welfare has exploded over the past five years. These practices cost the German taxpayer 50 billion Euro. All of it to put the proverbial make-up on the pig that is our unemployment statistics. We have less people on unemployment, and many many more people on welfare. And does the media "get it"? (that seems to be the phrase du jour, right?)

No. In Germany, the media frames the narrative in such a way that it's the "welfare recipients" that cost those 50 billion. All of which then gets picked up world-wide and serves as the basis of a global narrative. All of which I once dissected here.

And this is not merely something the "poor, uneducated masses" are facing. Do you know what a junior professor is worth now in Germany? 258.60 Euro per month for teaching two full courses! And no, I am not making that up.

And as for wealth? Well, Germany ain't far behind folks in the United States. According to the latest study, the upper 10 percent of Germans own 60 percent of all wealth, the lower 70 percent own 09 percent of the wealth. Leaves the amazingly shrinking middle class of 20 percent of people with 21 percent of the wealth. Again, not making this up.

So, while the worldwide media is kissing Angela Merkel's twat (what? too harsh a word for you? If she was male, I'd have said "sucking her dick"), especially those amazing folks at Forbes Magazine (let me tell you, if you are on a Forbes list these days, you might as well be on a list of the "Top 10 Most Wanted For White Collar Crimes" list, too. only we don't have such a list. We care about terrorists in caves.), this is what is really going on in my home country. My friends often tell me to stop blogging about this, because "dude, who knows who is listening and reading it".

And while one may say with some validity that such sentiments – as well-meant as they are – show signs of paranoia, the fact alone that an evergrowing part of the population has started to self-censor their openly spoken thoughts, that they worry about who might be hearing what you say...

... shows how badly it has become. It is a vague feeling of fear, of uneasiness, of something you cannot quite grasp. It is very similar to the feelings I experienced while visiting East Germany as it was still behind barbed wires and watchtowers. When I was talking – as innocently as you can when you are a child – with my relatives there, very often there would be that "hush" moment when they grown-ups talked. Very often, there would be those glances, followed by the warning of "don't say that. You never know who might be listening".

Fuck that shit.

Didn't I once say that the truth shall set you free?

It does. It sets your mind free. It says to you that you spoke up, you said it out loud, and damn the fucking consequences.