November 30, 2010


But of course that cannot stop me from briefly going Nyah Nyah Nyah on the whole "diplomatic cable" Wikileaks thing that happened over the the weekend. I mean, come on. Our foreign minister Guido Westerwelle a entitled, retarded, no-good-for-anything douchebag? Our chancellor Angela Merkel being like "teflon", meaning nothing sticks to her?

Where do these diplomats get their info? From the tabloids? None of this was in any shape, way or form surprising, and none of it "endangers live", as the above mentioned cocksucker (and I do mean that in the non-nice non-gay way) went out of his way to tell the press yesterday?

Oh, and the whole "They got the documents illegally, waah waah" thing? Did you know that today Germany's Supreme Court deemed it legal for the government to purchase information illegally and then use it to prosecute people for tax evasion? There apparently legality doesn't really matter.

Did you know that every major government in the West wants to fully surveillance each and every one of their citizens? Through preemptive wiretapping? Through electronic tracking? Thrugh chips in your cell phone. Ahem. Not to worry about legalities there.

And we don't even want to go into the whole Echelon thing that allowed the United States government and its allies, and by allies I mean American consortiums, to spy and commit IP theft for decades.

That is because, hell, George Orwell, say it for me...

Some are more equal than others.

And by some, I mean the people with the guns and the armies.

And by others, I mean you, my friends.

We had a German movie about that.

It was called The Lives of Others.

It won something or another at that ridiculously overstuffed ceremony you have in Hollywood every year. But I guess nobody really watched it, eh?

Or there wouldn't be so many defenders of our governments' practices still around.