November 8, 2010


Was the first episode of The Walking Dead somewhat slow and setting up the premise meaningfully, the second one last night just went straight for your guts. Or their guts. Well, guts were involved, in a serious variation of a scene that already made Shaun of the Dead.

In other words, smell you later. Hm. Well, smelling is a good indicator for figuring out people who are still alive, it would seem. The episode was almost like a reverse heist movie, in which the whole point was to get the people out of a building after they have been trapped by a million billion gazillion zombies.

Character development was there, too, and the introduction of Glenn, who is one smart kid. Gosh, maybe it's because he is Asian? (nah, it is similar to the comic in that regard), who – when they are trying to escape through the sewers has a couple of good, choice words to say as to the stupidity of sneaking around in groups.

Smart television, this is. And still not renewed for a second season.

What is AMC waiting for?