November 2, 2010


And before anybody goes, "you are just jealous", no, this isn't about jealousy. This is to show you something. A particular mindset that is completely and utterly insane. This is about a "difficult birth of a dream house", as Yahoo calls it (via Rupert's Wall Street Journal, foreclosure crisis? What foreclosure?), and why shouldn't you build your dream house, if you have the money to burn? Including the tree house that you didn't have as a kid?

Nothing wrong with that. Although I do hope the tree house has a sign at its bottom that states its name is "Rosebud". For that's what it is. And personally, me? I love looking at beautiful houses, even though I don't have one myself. But I like looking at them.

No, it's not any of that. It's this –
Ms. Page, a 60-year-old executive recruiter-turned-neurofeedback counselor, didn't get quite everything she wanted. When she suggested the installation of four microwaves so she could heat all her Whole Foods take-out simultaneously "I just about died," confesses concrete artist Fu-Tung Cheng, who also designed the kitchen. A single microwave and a speed-oven were installed instead.
Wha? Okay, let us not ask what exactly a neurofeedback counselor does. Mainly, because to me it sounds a lot like a cross between some kind of mumbo, with a bit of jumbo (also called meditation, when it doesn't have somebody look at an EEG while you're doing it, I would assume, but don't take my word for it. I am somewhat confused as to what exactly it is supposed to be).

No, let us focus on the fact that this woman wanted to have four microwaves, let me repeat that, four electrical appliances that zap a shit load of energy... to, and here's where I am getting angry, to fucking not have to wait for her four-part fucking take-out meal (but hey, it is "Whole Foods" take-out, so gosh, I guess she really is into the whole "organic" thing, if only she doesn't have to fucking cook it)

What a fucking lazy person is that? Never mind the energy consumption four microwaves would have had. No, what a fucking lazy person (a) takes take-out (and then (b) doesn't even have the patience to wait for all of it going through one microwave?

And no, I don't care that in the end these four microwaves didn't make the cut.

The fact alone that she wanted them shows what a seriously deranged person she is.