December 4, 2010


I re-wired most of my stuff today, and despite the fact that I was super-extra-careful, one of my external hard drives for my Mac blew out (Seagate... tsk... tsk, shame on ya), and then my data hard drive (internally) of my Mac decided it was no fun to be there all on its own, and followed suit when I plugged the machine back in.

Then again, the hard drives were six and ten years old, respectively.

Which kind of shows how I took care of them, but still... I am glad I spent the entire last week backing up my work data, first on DVDs (a very slow and painful process, if your DVD drive can only burn 2x, and you have 60+ GB of art, conceptual documents and writings to save), then onto my new computer, then onto another external hard drive from my new computer.

I will still be busy with all of that tech stuff for a couple more days.

Then I can finally go back to writing.

Yay for that!