December 20, 2010


I will shut down this blog for the remainder of the year, because it is Christmas time, and it is that time when you should be with those you love and in turn love you (the second part, boys and girls, is just as important as the first).

And although outside it is winter, and it's a harsh one, and it gives me all the wrong memories, it is good to remember the things that I am grateful for. It has been one of those years, again, of pain and struggle and - more often than not - rage against the machine, and by machine I mean everything that is going wonkers in this world.

And sometime earlier this evening, a friend called, and I complained, and he said, "it is what make you... you, Thomas. It is why you and I are friends. That sense of justice, the rudeness that comes with it, your inherent inability to be polite for politeness' sake, or to be politically correct. You couldn't be anything, anybody else. You cannot stop, nor will you ever. Not as long as you can still take a breath. You can lie to yourself, and think that you should simply let it go, but I have known you forever. Even in kindergarten you couldn't stop. And who did the School Break Patrol in primary school to make sure that the younger kids, the smaller kids wouldn't be beaten up? You. You haven't changed, not that much. You never will."

He also compared me to that greatest of fictional characters, Dr. Perry Cox on Scrubs, and since he is not the first to have done so, I guess I will take all of those who did at their word and give myself the complimentary Perry Cox haircut. I believe I have the ranting and rudeness down already, and those who have followed me on this blog every now and then know that...

... I have a tendency to do rants. Some of them are funny. Some, not so much. Some are dear to my heart, some... oh fuck, they are all dear to my heart, or I wouldn't rant about these things in the first place.

And so, before I slip out into the night, with hopes and dreams and the stubborness to never stop fighting for what I believe in, which is honour and decency and honesty and justice (but not the law. Fuck the law!), here are two of my favourite things, combined. Again, hearing this song triggers all the wrong memories, but that should not stop us, not tonight, should it? Because it is true, and it is right, and it is painful, as true things that are right are supposed to.

And just as this young doctor here at the end says, "Who is to say that this time my dreams won't come true? It could happen, you know."

Good night everybody, and good luck.