December 10, 2010


Even as Liberal Democrat sell-out Nick Clegg tells those who voted for him, who believed in him and his party that "he has to deal with the world as it is", the lies and the hypocrisy of the world-wide ruling class is exposed, and young ones in Britain are fed up with it. Didn't he run on the platform of not jacking up the university fees? Why, yes, yes he did...

... but see, if it comes down between feeling powerful in your state-owned limousine and sucking on corproate and banking tits and actualy standing up for a principle, these people know exactly what to choose. Hey, you need to get a job that is now only open to you with a big university degree? Suck it up, bitch, education ain't free, it has no value to society as a whole, it is an "investment".

An investment? You mean that kind of investment type thinking that has produced the great degree mills of the United States? The universities and colleges that are making money off their students by producing masses of degrees that these students only later will find out are worthless? Tough shit, you are in debt now, you are a slave even before you enter the jobs market, because you need to pay back...

... that investment.

Only the English students, and those who are about to study, they know better. They know that education should be a human right. And they know that they have been shafted, and not in the nice way by their girlfriends with a strap-on. Yes. It's Shakespeare... with a strap-on, was a joke comedian Robin Williams once made.

Yeah. Look at what happens on the streets of London.

Sure looks like Shakespeare with a strap-on to me, this does.