December 9, 2010


Backed up by independent reports and, oh gosh, those evil leaked diplomatic cables again (and how do you know that what they are saying in those cables is the truth? Easy.. none of this was ever publicly addressed by Black Barry and his corporate circle of whores, best not to piss of those who own our credit line, ain't that right, Barry?), we now get a clearer picture as to how China is invading the continent of Africa.

They are not doing it with force, like we did in the 19th century, no, not overtly, they are doing it by throwing their large coffers of money at every dictator, ever corrupt regime, every warmongering cocksucker in the region. You know, like the Americans and the Russians did for the better part of the Cold War.

Oh, how well they learned from us, those yellow bastards, eh?

For those who can read German, read this...
Der junge Arbeiter hatte genug: immer wieder Unfälle, all die gebrochenen Zusagen, der Ärger mit den Aufsehern und schließlich die versprochene Lohnerhöhung, die es dann doch nie gab. Mitte Oktober traf sich Vincent Chengele, 20, also mit anderen Kohlekumpeln vor der Zeche Collum im Süden von Sambia. Bald waren sie zu Hunderten, sie demonstrierten gegen ihre Bosse - Chinesen. Denn seit 2003 gehört das Bergwerk einer chinesischen Firma.

Plötzlich aber fielen Schüsse. Chinesische Aufseher feuerten wild in die Menge, Chengele und zehn weitere Grubenarbeiter blieben verletzt liegen. Ein Aufschrei ging durch Sambia. Selbst Präsident Rupiah Banda, ein Freund chinesischer Investitionen, verurteilte die Gewalttat. Der zuständige Minister für die Süd-Provinz sagte: "Sambische Arbeiter werden dort wie Tiere behandelt. Niemand hat einen Arbeitsvertrag, es gibt nur Tagelöhner. Und sie erhalten Sklavenlöhne." 
In Sambia, Chinese workers are armed. And they hold Sambian miners like cattle. And they are allowed, well, maybe not allowed, but definitely tolerated when they are shooting people who are demonstraating against their CCCs. That, by the way means Chinese Communist Corporations.

Awesome, isn't it?

This is what China does. It pumps billions and billions into the poorest regions of the world, tells the dictators that they are going to build up infrastructure, and hey, they do exactly that. They build luxury hotels. And staidums. Look at Angola. Awesome stadiums, eh? But wait, they build them with Chinese labor for the most part, so that money? Fules the Chinese economy, while leaving the African debtor even more in debt.

To you Americans out there. Now, doesn't that sound a little bit familiar? You want to know what the difference is between you and an African country?


You don't have the natural resources that China desperately needs. You don't really have anything China needs, other than willing and trance-like consumption terrorists. You know, those who buy shit they don't need for houses that were too big and waiting to be filled with iStuff... on credit.

Make no mistake. China currently still needs you... to buy their piss-poor produced shit.

But the clock is ticking. And your 300 million potential consumers are nothing compared to those that China is raising all aaround the world, not to mention inside their own borders (assuming they don't die of starvation or at the end of a cop stick before)

I had a talk the other day with a German engineer, retired, who marvelled and lusted quite visibly after the Chinese models, as German engineers are tradtionally prone to do. "The Chinese know that you just need to make a decision, and they do them quickly and without having to ask the population about it. That's how you get things done, not like in this country. We used to be able to do that!"

"I'm sure," I replied, "I seem to recall that was the time when trains ran on time, especially the ones who went all the way to the gas chambers. And let's not forget that Albert Speer didn't need to ask the Jewish owners of so many flats in Berlin, no, he could simply plan Germania, and had all of them evicted. There you go. That's the Chinese model. Engineers all around the world are still masturbating widly about having such opportunities, don't they?"

Pissed him off mightily, that did.