December 10, 2010


... but hey, that is okay, because his calling for the basic human rights, such as freedom of speech in China was totally against the law. And we all know we should always obey the law. Any law, right? Because that is what is at the core of that belief. A nation of laws.

And if you don't obey the laws, you just might be... a terrorist. Yes, that is right. That is what Liu Xiaobo is for the Chinese government (dicatorship would be a more apt expression, but hey... I can only say this because I am a German, and China doesn't own my ass)

Laws mean nothing. What? Shocked? Let me repeat it, then. Laws mean nothing, unless they come with those things that are or at least should be universally valued, and by "universally" I mean every living human being. Those values are freedom, the right to your religion, faith and sexuality. The right to openly speak and gather, to criticise and complain without fear of imprisonment, loss of life, torture and so an.

What is that thing called again? The Human Rights Charta.

Now, essentially Liu Xiaobo didn't do anything other than state, "hey, wouldn't it be nice if we in China followed the rules of that Human Rights Charta? I mean, come on, it isn't all that difficult, now, is it?"


But what is better is that wonderful phrase by Chinese officials just before that notable (and to be perfectly honest, one of the few notable ones in the past decade or two) ceremony started, in the direction of everybody that just attending, yes, just attending that ceremony would lead to "consequences".

For a country with far over 1 billion people, China has an incredibly small prick, it seems.

Consequences. Oh, I am scared. What can you people do that you haven't already done? Huh? Buy up more US bonds? Enslave more workers in Africa? Be on par with the United States in pollution? Oh, no, wait... I forgot. Tsk.Tsk. How stupid of me.

It comes down to that whole "Chinese 21st century thing", doesn't it? All bow down to our new yellow Corporate Communist masters! Who are so smart, so creative they had to fucking steal the Transrapid from the Germans, take it apart and build a cheaper shit version. A society so creative and so smart that even in terms of search engines and social networking they had to steal and retro-engineer things like Google and YouTube and eBay and.. and... and...

China is not creative. China never will be creative. China has not been creative in a many a century. You know, kind of like Islamic countries. And no, that is not inherently a diss against Asian people. And no, it is not racist. It is the fact that creativity thrives in open societies, in societies that are still (evne if only barely these days) based on debate and discussion.

I don't mind China as such. I really don't. There is a German phrase that goes "Das ist so, als ob in China ein Sack Reis umf√§llt". Roughly translated it means that  - if one takes China as a single unit - its cultural reach into everything outside the Asian hemisphere is neglible. And what happens in China? Has no cultural bearing on what happens here. Despite the fact that Black Barry of the United States is busy sucking their dicks, in those moments he is not sucking those dicks on Wall Street.

No. What makes China dangerous is not the big, oh so powerful society, not their awesome, "what was that again" culture. It is the symbolism.

It is not unlike the awe and admiration very often expressed in those "democratic" societies in the West, especially by - oh gosh, what a surprise - upper class people in the time between 1933 and 1938 when it came to Nazi Germany.

Yes, I am comparing China to Nazi Germany. I am awaiting with baited breath the "consequences" for me. OoooOOOOooooHHHhhhh. Know what was most often expressed by those upper class, very white people in America, but also in Britain at the time?

"Oh, those Germans... bit harsh they are, but they get things done!"

My, we even did the best, most perfect Olympic games ever in 1936...until China essentially copied us in 2008, complete with awesome displays of robotic harmony. All, in perfect unity. And so proud of it, too! Look at us go. All those people, moving in sync. Wow, I am totally not impressed. We did it first, we did it for the same reasons, and we know exactly where a society ends that is led and directed from above. Don't believe me? Read up on your history.

China has no respect for human rights (and before somebody points out the hypocrisy here when it comes to our Western standards, I'd have to agree. We don't give a fuck about human rights either, not anymore, not if they stand in the way of capitalist "progress and profit")

It's that symbolism of China that makes them the most dangerous country on this planet, yes, more dangerous than Russia, more dangerous than the United States, both of which are only shadows of their former selfs. It is that symbolism of "but they get things done, and they don't have to ask their citizenry to do it, how awesome is that?"

Every CEO on the planet masturbates wildly into short leather panties every morning at the thought of this, just as every CEO and company owner in the 1930s masturbated wildly to the ideas of Hitler. Getting things done. Leadership. Telling people what to do. That is their faith, when it comes down to it. Never mind that most of China is as third world a country as it was 50 years ago. Never mind that most of it population is in dire poverty. Who cares? We can always make more workers! There are so many of them, so many of them so desperate, so many who lose their farms, their livelihoods that they become day labor workers! There's always more where those came from! We can keep them in the factories! We can abuse and exploit them!

China. Yes. A Manchester Capitalist's wettest dreams come true.

Only it is a delusion. It works so far, because China has essentially corroded the foremost accomplishments of the 20th century in the West. By not adhering to any standard, be it culturally, be it environmentally, be it in terms of safety regulation or quality standards, they have undercut and are in the process of destroying everything that has been a symbol of progressiveness in those markets that they - as the world's biggest sweat shop - deliver their goods to.

It is that symbolism that endagers all of mankind. It is a symbolism not too far removed from fascism, hell, I'll come out and say it, it is fascism, pure and simple, a carefully constructed symbiosis between state and corporations that oh so many corporations and governments in the West are gleeful about implementing themselves.

And such a system cannot stand the truth.

Such a system is threatened by the truth.

And thus, there is an empty chair at the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony today. Because you cannot invite the truth to your party. You cannot allow it to sit there. It just might speak up.

And who wants that, eh?

The last time the Nobel Peace Prize couldn't be handed out was 1936. The name of the guy who was awarded it? German peace activist Carl von Ossietzky. The regime that prevented him to come? Come now, you know this one, right? Yes. Hitler's regime.

And who knows, since this is the age of symbols, maybe next year there will be an empty chair once again. Maybe next year, that empty chair will belong to...

...Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.